Compuware Rolls Out DevPartner64 with 64-Bit Debugging, Error Detection

11/24/2003 - Compuware Corporation (Nasdaq: CPWR) announced the general availability of Compuware DevPartner64 1.0.1, a 64-bit debugging and automated error-detection solution for the Intel® Itanium® and Itanium 2®, and the AMD Opteron and Athlon64 processor families. DevPartner64’s suite of 64-bit development tools accelerates the development of high-quality applications and drivers, and enables developers to locate and fix errors in source code, while keeping high-speed 64-bit development on track.

In DevPartner64 1.0.1, Compuware has combined two of the industry’s best-known high performance tools, Visual SoftICE and BoundsChecker, and packaged them together to give developers the only toolkit available with advanced system-wide debugging and automated error detection.

Visual SoftICE is an advanced, all-purpose debugger that can debug virtually any type of code. This includes interrupt routines, processor level changes and I/O drivers. Visual SoftICE displays source code as debugging occurs. Unlike conventional debuggers that are restricted to applications, Visual SoftICE has complete system access and can trace difficult problems between the system and application layers. Visual SoftICE supports x86, Itanium, Itanium2, and AMD Opteron and Athlon64 platforms running Microsoft operating systems.

Based on the industry’s leading memory leak and error detection tool for native applications, BoundsChecker64 is an automated error-detection tool that accelerates the development of native applications by automatically identifying and analyzing errors at runtime and pinpointing them in source code. By automating the error detection process during application runtime, BoundsChecker64 helps developers deliver reliable applications on time and on budget.

New in BoundsChecker64 is the deadlock analyzer. This new feature detects actual and potential deadlocks between threads and synchronization objects. It also provides a detailed analysis and history of why a deadlock occurred and shows where and how a potential deadlock could occur.

Another new feature in BoundsChecker64 is the memory and resource viewer. This exclusive BoundsChecker64 feature allows users to inspect all current memory and resource allocations during application execution. This tool is ideally suited for analyzing memory and resource utilization during the development of transaction-based server applications. Using BoundsChecker during development can prevent “hangs” in production caused by resource exhaustion.

BoundsChecker64 now offers support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, IIS 6.0, Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, and Intel® IA64 Itanium® and Itanium 2® processors.

DevPartner64 1.0.1 is currently available at a U.S. price of $1,999 per seat. Volume discounts are available.

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