BiTMICRO Unveils Secure Digital Card for Flash Solid State Disk Storage

11/24/2003 - BiTMICRO® Networks, a pioneer in intelligent flash ATA / IDE, SCSI, USB, VME, Compact PCI, Firewire, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel non-volatile flash disk drive solid state storage solutions announced at COMDEX 2003 being held at Las Vegas, Nevada, its latest addition to its product line -- the Secure Digital Card.

BiTMICRO's Secure Digital Flash Card (SD Card) product line aims to bring forth the benefits the company has delivered to the industrial, military and enterprise customers to the consumer market in response to the growing demands of mobile computing and modern telephony. BiTMICRO's SD Card can be used in a wide range of digital products such as handheld PCs, cellular phones, digital music players, digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, electronic books and car navigation systems.

This SD Card bears the trademark BiTMICRO products are known for - state of the art. BiTMICRO's SD Card is robust, non-volatile, secure, removable stamp-size solid state flash memory storage with high transfer rates for fast copy or download. The BiTMICRO SD card has a high storage capacity ranging from 16 MB to 1GB and has very low battery consumption.

Comparable to BiTMICRO's E-Disk® technology, the BiTMICRO's SD Card can withstand extreme environmental conditions, from near boiling point to ice cold temperature and comes with a user selectable mechanical write protect switch. The BiTMICRO's SD Card is fully compliant with both current and future Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirements.

"BiTMICRO's SD Card Security Digital Card was conceptualized having in mind the growing demand for mobile computing and telephony. With its high capacity, extreme reliability and unmatched durability, it will make consumers very happy by making their handheld devices, from their handheld PCs, digital cameras to their cell phones, do so much more than they ever thought possible. Foremost, their data will be there when they need it," comments Rudy Bruce, President, BiTMICRO Networks, Inc.

The introduction of the high capacity BiTMICRO SD Card addresses more than just memory requirements of mobile handheld devices today. It paves the way to more innovations -- allowing storage for more applications, more than 1500 still pictures, a full movie, and over 250 MP3 songs all within a stamp-size, sturdy and sleek format device. With BiTMICRO's SD Card, information, entertainment and communications and mobility will never be the same again.

About BiTMICRO Networks
BiTMICRO Networks (, a privately held California corporation, is the world's premier supplier of rugged and high performance non-volatile solid-state disk, flash disk drive, and network storage and management solutions. E-Disks® storage solutions are offered with SCSI, IDE / ATA, Fibre Channel, USB, Firewire, Compact PCI, VME, PMC and Ethernet interfaces in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk drive footprints, single-wide PMC, 3U and 6U board, and 19-inch rackmount configurations scalable up to several terabytes of pure solid state storage. BiTMICRO solid state product offerings for the consumer market starts with the Secure Digital (SD) Flash Card, with more announcements to come.

E-Disk®SAN StorView software is a web based storage management software for E-Disk®SAN. E-Disk® SafeCapacity-Hotfile software complements E-Disk storage solutions by effectively managing different types of disk subsystems and increasing complex data sets such that a constant high-level of file system I/O performance is maintained.

E-Disks®, BiTMICRO NetworksTM and BiTMICRO® are registered trademarks of BiTMICRO Networks Inc.

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