Multi-Tech Unveils Enhanced RouteFinder Internet Security Appliance

11/19/2003 - The Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading data communications and telecommunications company based in suburban Minneapolis, enhances its RouteFinderTM Internet Security Appliance line with AES encryption, email spam filtering, and dynamic-to-dynamic VPN tunneling. RouteFinders will be shown at this year’s Fall Comdex at the Las Vegas Convention Center at Booth Number 8966 starting today. These enhancements add to the RouteFinder’s VPN, email anti-virus, and content filtering tools to provide an ideal solution for small-to medium-sized businesses looking to secure vital networks.

The RouteFinder products are comprehensive security systems for Internet connections. Consisting of integrated VPN gateways and firewalls that provide the maximum level of network protection while not decreasing connection performance, they use the latest in data encryption technologies, user authentication tools, anti-virus capabilities and firewall protection. RouteFinder products ensure remote users, remote divisions, clients, partners and suppliers have protected connections with the corporate network.

“With the onslaught of worms and viruses the last year or so has been very interesting on the Internet security front,” states Chip Harleman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Multi-Tech Systems. “With current threats so high and no sign of things getting better in the future, we are finding businesses of all sizes considering more capable Internet security devices than before. This situation brings our RouteFinder family right into focus. With a powerful anti-virus subscription, spam filtering, URL content filtering and Stateful Packet Inspection firewall, this family of products offers the best in protection at some of the lowest costs in the industry.”

The AES Encryption of VPN tunnels is being adopted by the industry. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) and is the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS Publication 197) developed to replace DES. AES is more efficient in both hardware and software than its predecessor, requires less memory, and, for a given set of hardware, will allow for more VPN tunnels.

The new email Spam filter is now included at no charge. Working as an SMTP proxy server between the Internet and mail server, the Spam filter uses a wide range of tests on mail headers and body text to identify and mark incoming mail as Spam. The marked Spam is then quarantined for later action. The Spam filter is based on open source technology and can reduce Spam in the 80 to 90 percent range. It is a very easy feature to set up utilizing a Web browser configuration screen.

X.509 is another form of standardized VPN authentication for user verification (digital signatures) on a network. Administrators issue certificates to VPN users generated from the RouteFinder or by a third-party provider. When a VPN tunnel is then established, the certificate is used for authentication of the tunnel to the RouteFinder providing a higher level of security than other standard methods.

Dynamic-to-dynamic tunneling provides the capability to utilize a dynamic network IP address at both end of a VPN tunnel. With broadband connections it is getting increasingly harder to obtain static IP addresses for business locations. This capability eliminates the need to have a static IP address if you are trying to set up a VPN link between two RouteFinders.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified global manufacturer of award-winning Internet, remote access, and telephony products, Multi-Tech Systems provides end-to-end solutions for small-to medium-sized businesses. Multi-Tech’s products are available through a worldwide network of business partners (distributors, resellers, system integrators, ISPs, and ISVs), or in embedded solutions from OEMs.

Privately held, Multi-Tech Systems has over 60 U.S. patents and numerous international patents. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents covering transmission of multiplexed voice, data and video packets used in technologies such as Internet telephony, PC telephony, voice over IP or frame relay, and DSVD modems. For additional information, contact Multi-Tech at 800/328-9717 or 763/785-3500, via fax at 763/785-9874 or browse the company’s World Wide Web home page at

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