Softek Outlines New Data Replication Strategy for UNIX, Windows, z/OS

11/19/2003 - SoftekTM, a leading global provider of storage management software, outlined a new data replication strategy for its open systems and mainframe product lines that is designed to deliver the industry's most flexible and cost-effective data replication solutions, in addition to enabling significant operational efficiencies for IT administrators.

To support and enhance the new Softek replication strategy, the company also announced a new product, SoftekTM Replicator, for host-based open systems and mainframe data replication; as well as enhanced versions of SoftekTM TDMF, for host-based open systems and mainframe data migration; and SoftekTM Storage Provisioner, which provides network-based data replication.

"Softek is the only company delivering affordable replication technology across UNIX, Windows and z/OS platforms," said Karen Dutch, vice president of product management at Softek. "Now, replication technology is no longer exclusive to top-tier data centers. Our replication solutions remove the limitations imposed by proprietary hardware approaches that require expensive hardware, dedicated networks and complex software. Each features a common-console design that helps IT administrators maintain data availability and data integrity throughout the replication process, regardless of platform or storage hardware. We enable more companies to implement on-line data availability solutions for more classes and tiers of data. In bringing replication to the masses, we continue to deliver on our promise to simplify and optimize data storage."

The new data replication strategy for Softek leverages the company's heritage in pioneering the first host based mainframe data replication technology in 1996, as well as the company's foray into the open systems, host-based market in 2000. These technologies, refined and enhanced over the years, have been implemented by over 500 enterprises to power solutions in four key areas:

All Softek replication solutions are platform independent and interoperable across, and between, any storage array hardware architecture, eliminating vendor lock-in. Softek host-based and network-based replication technologies address:

"Enterprise customers worldwide continue to struggle to meet the availability requirements for mission-critical IT infrastructure," said John McArthur, Group Vice President of storage research at IDC. "Platform-independent replication solutions, such as Softek's suite of products, provide significant flexibility and reduced complexity and should be considered as part of any data and application availability strategy.

Softek Replicator
Softek Replicator is versatile, multi-platform data replication software that enables local and off-site disaster recovery, eliminates backup windows and helps facilitate server and storage migrations and consolidations. Source data is never touched and multiple replication configurations can be created and adjusted to meet the "time to recovery" and "point of recovery" needs of business applications, both locally and remotely.

Softek Replicator provides a multi-functional graphical user interface (GUI), allowing centralized management of replication activities on any UNIX, Windows or z/OS server. The GUI enables IT administrators to instantly see the status of every server involved in replication activities, monitor replication performance and perform actions to replicate volumes.

Softek Replicator enhances application availability levels by minimizing application outages and monitoring network bandwidth. Its multiple hardware platform support enables standardized replication processes for backup/recovery, migration, and disaster recovery activities, which reduces training time for IT staff.

Softek TDMF
Softek TDMF is host-based migration software that is designed for enterprises moving data in heterogeneous environments. It is the only software solution that ensures mission-critical applications maintain 100 percent availability during data migration. Full data integrity is maintained because source data is never touched. Optimum application availability is achieved because the Softek TDMF software is used independent of applications, thus ensuring no disruptions when swapping the application's access to new volumes and/or storage devices.

Softek Storage Provisioner
Softek Storage Provisioner is a SAN-based software solution that consolidates disparate storage arrays into centralized and tiered storage pools. The technology provides network-based high availability and data replication services that simplify business continuance and disaster recovery initiatives. IT administrators can use Softek Provisioner to automatically create mirrors and point-in-time copies for any combination of open system hosts, without any modifications or other administration tasks.

Pricing and Availability
Softek Replicator will be available in December, priced from $2,300 per server for UNIX and Windows versions and from $30,000 for the z/OS operating system.

The new version of Softek TDMF will be available in December. Service-level pricing is determined by customer-defined variables, including number of installed systems running the software, amount of data migrated or time period for migration.

Softek Provisioner is available now, priced at $25,000 per server engine. Typical installations require two server engines for complete data protection via mirroring.

About Softek
Softek delivers award-winning automated storage management solutions operating across more vendors and platforms than any other SRM software. With Softek, customers are able to both optimize and simplify the management of complex, multi-vendor storage infrastructures via action-based automated resource management including space management, storage provisioning, data replication, data migration, performance monitoring, service level management, data recovery and backup. The result is better-utilized storage, more productive staff, and greater application availability. Backed by the financial strength of Fujitsu Limited, Softek is distributed globally and offers 24/7 support to more than 700 customers worldwide.

Softek, Softek Replicator, Softek TDMF and Softek Provisioner are trademarks of Fujitsu Ltd.

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