Boeing Develops Software-Defined Radio Programs with INTEGRITY RTOS

11/19/2003 - Green Hills Software, Inc., the technology leader in real-time operating systems and embedded development software, announced that Boeing [NYSE: BA] recently selected Green Hills Software products for development and production of two Software-Defined Radio (SDR) programs.

Boeing is using Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) and MULTI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the U.S. Army's Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Cluster 1 system. The INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI IDE have also been selected by Boeing for the U.S. Air Force's Family of Advanced Beyond-Line-of-Sight Terminals (FAB-T). The FAB-T system is a family of airborne satellite radio terminals with similar software-based flexibility as JTRS Cluster 1 systems.

JTRS SDRs are destined to replace tactical radio systems currently in use by U.S. armed forces. JTRS technology removes the communications barriers between the many different types of incompatible radios presently used in battlefield operations. JTRS radios will eventually replace the military's many different legacy technologies with a small number of radio designs that share a common SDR architecture.

"In the U.S. military, at least 750,000 radio network elements are being replaced with SDR-enabled equipment. SDR devices will allow an operator to communicate with forces on different frequencies by downloading a protocol in real time," reports William Fellows, principal analyst for the451, a research firm that identifies and reports on emerging trends in wireless communications.

Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY RTOS is well-suited to the design requirements for the SDRs. JTRS radios are based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), which requires POSIX programming interfaces for software portability. INTEGRITY supports the current SCA POSIX v2.2 standard.

SDRs require an efficient, low-overhead operating system for maximum system throughput and low-power consumption. INTEGRITY offers high performance and deterministic real-time response.

Finally, JTRS radios must be reliable and secure. INTEGRITY's memory protected architecture can detect and handle faults to help prevent total system failure. Furthermore, INTEGRITY's unique partitioned design can isolate classified data and processes in order to defeat malicious attempts to compromise the radio's security.

Boeing is using Green Hills Software's MULTI IDE for JTRS and FAB-T code development. MULTI provides a feature-rich software engineering tool suite to assist Boeing developers in meeting the challenges of their aggressive software development schedules.

"Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY has proven itself in many mission-critical systems," said David Kleidermacher, Green Hills Software's vice president of Engineering. "It has the highest level of reliability and performance needed to deliver new communications capabilities to the battlefield. By maximizing software development productivity, the Boeing team expects to deliver the capability needed to link the incompatible communications systems currently used in battlefield operations."

Working with INTEGRITY and MULTI, Boeing's SDR programs seek to solve many of the vexing communications problems inherent in modern joint combat operations. The intent of the JTRS design is to create a networked communications architecture that will revolutionize the use of tactical information on the battlefield.

The ability to invoke waveforms as needed, coupled with the JTRS's capability to interoperate with currently fielded radios, allows battlefield commanders to maintain direct communications with other units equipped with either JTRS or legacy radio systems. A multi-channel JTRS radio can also serve as a repeater to bridge communications between two otherwise incompatible radios.

"By bringing the RTOS and mission-critical software expertise of Green Hills to JTRS Cluster 1 and FAB-T, our contribution to SDR-enabled communications will help battlefield commanders make critical decisions based on improved situational awareness," said John Warther, Green Hills Software's director of Business Development, Aerospace and Defense.

Green Hills Software is the only RTOS vendor co-sponsoring the Software Defined Radio Forum's Technical Conference in Orlando, Florida, on November 17-19, 2003.

About Green Hills Software
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