Mellanox Demonstrates TeraFlop Cluster at Supercomputing Conference

11/18/2003 - Mellanox® Technologies Ltd., the leader in InfiniBandSM solutions, announced a TeraFlop compute cluster demonstration at the Mellanox booth (#1011) this week at the Supercomputing Conference (SC2003) in Phoenix, Arizona. TOTS (Teraflops Off-The-Shelf) is enabled by the significant performance gains delivered by the marriage of Intel architecture server platforms and InfiniBand Technology. The live TOTS demonstration at SC2003 consisting of 192 Intel servers clustered with high performance InfiniBand interconnect, housed in a total of three racks, demonstrates just how easily and compactly this level of performance can be delivered.

Just two years ago only 12 computers in the world held a performance ranking above one Teraflop; and these systems cost on average greater than $20M per TeraFlop. Proprietary interconnects and specialized servers located in dedicated facilities were essential for the earlier systems that typically required many months for design, assembly and deployment. With state of the art Intel architecture server platforms and InfiniBand interconnect connectivity, the planning and deployment time has been reduced to just a few weeks from start to finish. By utilizing industry standards, cluster systems of TeraFlop performance can be deployed at any time, at any place and at prices customers expect with industry standard solutions. This milestone represents a new inflection point in computing.

"TeraFlop performance on industry standard server clusters is inexpensive to deploy," said Dana Krelle, vice president of marketing for Mellanox. "Our reseller partners can design, assemble and deploy an InfiniBand cluster delivering this level of performance for less than one-tenth the cost of traditional systems or for well less than one million dollars per TeraFlop."

"Itís clear that the advancements made in Intel architecture server building blocks including Xeon and Itanium 2 processors, server chipsets, and server platforms coupled with the advancement of the InfiniBand clustering technology have created an inflection point in price-performance for high performance computing." said Tom Macdonald, General Manager of Intelís Advanced Components Division. "With TeraFlop performance levels historically limited to a handful of proprietary systems, the Teraflop Off-the-Shelf demonstration clearly illustrates the striking advancements the industry has made in delivering computing clustering capability for the HPC market segment with Intel Architecture and InfiniBand technology."

The demonstration represents a multi-vendor collaboration with equipment and software provided by: ATI Technologies, Callident, Ciara, InfiniCon Systems, Intel Corporation, Mellanox Technologies, Ohio State University, Rackable, Sandia National Labs, The SourceForge InfiniBand Open Source Project, Topspin Communication, and Voltaire.

Also at SC2003, Mellanox and InfiniBand technology can be seen in many demonstrations in the following booths: Apple Computer, AMD, Ames Research Center, Appro International Inc, Argonne National Laboratory, InfiniCon Systems, Intel Corporation, Linux Networx, Los Alamos National Lab, Microway Inc, MPI Software Technology Inc, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), Ohio State University, Rackable Systems, Racksaver, Sandia National Labs, Sky Computers, Sun Microsystems, Topspin Communication, Voltaire, Yotta Yotta and others.

About InfiniBand
InfiniBand is the only 10 Gb/sec ultra low latency clustering, communication, storage and embedded interconnect in the market today. InfiniBand, based on an industry standard, provides the most robust data center interconnect solution available with reliability, availability, serviceability and manageability features designed from the ground up. These parameters greatly reduce total cost of ownership for the data center. Low cost InfiniBand silicon that supports 10 Gb/sec RDMA transfers is shipping today providing eight times the bandwidth of Ethernet and three times the bandwidth of proprietary clustering interconnects. With an approved specification for 30 Gb/sec, InfiniBand is at least a generation ahead of competing fabric technologies today and in the foreseeable future.

About Mellanox
Mellanox is the leading supplier of InfiniBand semiconductors, providing complete solutions including switches, host channel adapters, and target channel adapters to the server, communications, data storage, and embedded markets. Mellanox Technologies has delivered more than 100,000 InfiniBand ports over two generations of 10 Gb/sec InfiniBand devices including the InfiniBridge, InfiniScale, InfiniHost and InfiniScale III devices. Mellanox InfiniBand interconnect solutions today provide over eight times the performance of Ethernet, and over three times the performance of proprietary interconnects. The company has strong backing from corporate investors including Dell, IBM, Intel Capital, Quanta Computers, Sun Microsystems, and Vitesse as well as, strong venture backing from Bessemer Venture Partners, Raza Venture Management, Sequoia Capital, US Venture Partners, and others. The company has major offices located in Santa Clara, CA, Yokneam and Tel Aviv Israel. For more information on Mellanox, visit

Mellanox is a registered trademark of Mellanox Technologies and InfiniBridge, InfiniHost and InfiniScale are trademarks of Mellanox. InfiniBand (TM/SM) is a registered trademark and service mark of the InfiniBand Trade Association.

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