InterNiche Technologies Rolls Out Latest Embedded TCP/IP Stack

11/18/2003 - InterNiche Technologies announced immediate availability of NicheStackTM and NicheLiteTM, Release 2.0. These suites of royalty-free, source code TCP/IP protocol stacks, network security modules and device management packages are designed for the requirements of today's embedded designs the software is extremely compact and highly configurable. NicheStack and NicheLite's functionality and footprint scales for use from small low-power handheld devices to next-generation infrastructure and enterprise equipment designs. Advanced features such as, IPSec and SSL/TLS network security, full device management and rapid IP-failover makes InterNiche, Release 2.0 the choice for security and high availability development projects.

For effortless integration with existing designs, NicheStack, Release 2.0 TCP/IPv4 is backwards compatible with NicheStack, Rel. 1.91 implementations. More importantly, NicheStack 2.0 introduces an extended set of APIs to support and manage dual IPv4/IPv6 network-enabled devices.

"NicheStack 2.0 introduces an extended set of APIs to support and manage dual IPv4/IPv6 network-enabled devices," said Brian Ramsey, InterNiche's Vice President of Marketing. "Embedded developers can use NicheStack to design and ship a TCP/IPv4 product, and then by then upgrading to the NicheStack IPv4/IPv6 Dual stack product, can add TCP/IPv6 functionality without having to rework their TCP/IPv4 code."

Seamless Integration with IPSec, IKE and SSL/TLS Network Security
InterNiche's IPSec and SSL/TLS network security SDKs are natural extensions of NicheStack 2.0. InterNiche IPSec and SSL implementations are security toolkits allowing developers to quickly add high-performance security and VPN capabilities to embedded devices. They provide:

NicheStack 2.0 includes new options for secure device management. A new version of InterNiche's unique compact HTTP server technology, WebPortTM SSL , and an enhanced NicheToolTM network management application new and SSL-enabled device operational, administration and management alternatives. Now, users can use a secured web browser interface to manage NicheStack-enabled devices with the same encryption and security that they use on a daily basis to manage their financial transactions. Release 2.0 also includes a collection of recent updates that relate to recent CERT security advisories.

Guaranteed Interoperability and RFC Compliance
Release 2.0 maintains that high level of commitment to interoperability and open standards compliance and provides additional protocol support options:

NicheStack 2.0 is available as highly portable "C"-language source code for all current embedded 8, 16 and 32-bit CPU/MPU and MCU architectures, IDE platforms, embedded operating systems and RTOSs. It ships with example ports for Intel-i32 / Microsoft Windows development platforms, as well as for a number of popular hardware evaluation platforms and toolchains.

About InterNiche
InterNiche Technologies has been developing and licensing networking management and configuration software for embedded systems since 1989. Hundreds of thousands of products depend on InterNiche software as part of their core functionality. Customers include companies such as 3COM, Ericsson, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Nortel Networks, Raytheon, Samsung, Siemens, and many more. For more information please contact or visit InterNiche on the web at

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