Motorola Goes with GoAhead SelfReliant for IA 64-based Mobility Manager

11/17/2003 - GoAhead® Software, the leading provider of integrated, platform-independent middleware for high availability (HA) systems, announced the selection of its SelfReliant® software for Motorola’s new IA 64-based Mobility Manager. SelfReliant will ensure the 99.999% availability of the Mobility Manager call control functions. With the Mobility Manager design win, GoAhead SelfReliant is now included in five Motorola projects including their CDMA SDU, CDMA VPU, iDen iBSC and UMTS Node B 3G Base Stations.

Motorola’s Mobility Manager is an IP-based system that handles voice and data call control functions including mobile station registration, short message services, call setup, handoff and release.

GoAhead SelfReliant is used for a number of functions within the IA 64 base server. The GoAhead Availability Management Service is used as the engine for sequencing the Mobility Manager’s response to operator configuration management requests and to automatically detect fault events. The GoAhead replicated database is used for non-stop, real time access to the Mobility Manager’s configuration data. The GoAhead SNMP agent provides the basis for the Mobility Manager’s operation and maintenance through a remote element manager.

“In 2001, we selected GoAhead SelfReliant as the high availability middleware in our High Availability Platform, ” said Bruce Stone, senior vice president, CDMA Systems Division at Motorola. “Per our plan, we continue to leverage common code, including SelfReliant, across multiple development projects to save time and costs. Mobility Manager is our fifth project implementation using SelfReliant as the standard middleware component.”

The five different deployments illustrate the flexibility of Motorola’s High Availability Platform (HAP) equipped with SelfReliant middleware. The projects represent multiple network tiers including the base station, vocoding, mobility management and central office and a spectrum of network topologies and air interface technologies including GSM, CDMA and iDEN.

GoAhead SelfReliant
SelfReliant runs as a middleware layer on top of the operating system to manage redundant components for 99.999% or better availability and reliability. It features 2-3 millisecond failover speeds, checkpointing to preserve application data, and over 38,000 per second distributed message delivery. Real-time capture, storage and replication of system and/or application data assure continuous, uninterrupted service. Its compact footprint (less than 4.5 MB) and low CPU usage (less than 3% of CPU capacity) are ideal for the tight resource constraints typical of embedded systems. External management is conducted either through a web console or network management via SNMP. The modular design supports building solutions with off-the-shelf components and little to no integration. Its flexibility also allows phasing in high availability functionality over multiple releases. For projects that require full HA at first release, GoAhead SelfReliant Suite is pre-integrated for fast, easy deployment. GoAhead offers a range of packages to make getting started with SelfReliant easy and quick.

About GoAhead Software
GoAhead® Software provides the first integrated, platform-independent suite of high availability middleware for developing reliable embedded systems and applications. GoAhead products are used by developers in communications, military/aerospace and other industries with high reliability requirements. GoAhead SelfReliant® is offered as a fully integrated suite of software that implements high availability in complex systems. For project teams requiring specific SelfReliant functionality, GoAhead also offers three standalone modules: Basic Availability Management (BAM), Distributed Messaging Service (DMS), and Embedded Systems Management (ESM). Ideal for systems such as wireless base station controllers, softswitches, defense command/control systems and industrial controllers, SelfReliant helps developers reduce project risk, lower costs and achieve faster time-to-market. GoAhead is a privately held company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. For more information on GoAhead, visit the company’s web site at or call +1-425-453-1900.

GoAhead and SelfReliant are registered trademarks of GoAhead Software, Inc.

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