Winchester Systems Unveils Affordable SAN-In-A-Box Storage Products

11/17/2003 - Winchester Systems Inc., an innovative storage solutions company, has introduced a new family of FlashDisk storage solutions. This new line of "SAN-In-A-Box" products provide the benefits of "shared storage pools" at very low cost. These products are designed to meet the budget requirements of small to mid-sized storage environments as well as the flexibility to grow into a major enterprise-level storage area network.

Simple and Affordable SAN Functionality
"SAN-In-A-Box" products drastically reduce the entry price for implementing a SAN without compromising performance, reliability or scalability. Each model in the FlashDisk family provides an ultra high performance disk array that meets the storage consolidation challenge for most organizations by providing an easy to manage shared storage pool. FlashDisk is completely open and no software drivers are required. Up to twelve servers of any mix of brand or operating system can be connected providing full SAN capabilities, without the elaborate SAN infrastructure and high price tag needed with most SAN products. For example, no switches, additional HBAs or software are necessary. This is a perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses and departments in larger organizations needing full SAN capability.

"Storage Without the Complexity"
"SAN-In-A-Box" products are a simple, affordable way to get full SAN capabilities without the cost and lengthy deployment time of ordinary SAN solutions. The products typically install in under one hour and are completely plug-and-play right out of the box. This greatly reduces administrative overhead and saves valuable system administrator time. The storage is then easily managed using FlashConsole, a centralized storage management appliance included with the entire line of products. Storage can be allocated in any amount by partitioning the storage into multiple logical volumes. Each volume can then be assigned to a specific host server or multiple servers and be connected via point-to-point SCSI or Fibre Channel connections. Multiple servers can also be clustered using industry-standard software from sources including Veritas, Microsoft, Red Hat and SteelEye.

Increased Reliability
"SAN-In-A-Box" products provide IT managers with the ability to replace or augment limited internal storage arrays with reliable external storage, that continue to operate if the server fails. With external storage, the servers can easily be replaced or upgraded without disrupting critical data. "SAN-In-A-Box" storage solutions are available in multiple models and configurations. All products are easily upgraded and reconfigured in the field with minimal disruption to end users.

Supports SCSI and Fibre Channel
Over 19 different "SAN-In-A-Box" models provide shared storage pools for all open servers:

"Pay-As-You-Grow" Scalability
The modular design of the SAN-In-A-Box products allows you to scale server connectivity or storage capacity affordably. Adding more drives or additional host connections provides for a cost-effective system based on your current needs while providing for the future growth of your storage environment. SAN-In-A-Box products are compatible with industry-standard Fibre Channel switches and backup and replication software to further expand your networked attached storage environment.

Price and Delivery
Pricing for the SCSI "SAN-In-A-Box" models start at $14,995 and Fibre Channel models start at $19,995. Delivery is two to three weeks.

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