Fujitsu, mCom Pilot Web-enabled Cash Dispenser at Villanova University

11/14/2003 - Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. and its partner mCom Financial Solutions have been enlisted by NOVA Savings Bank to pilot a Fujitsu Web-enabled cash dispenser at Villanova University. The ATM is the first installation of Prism 1:1 co-developed and co-branded by Fujitsu and mCom.

Villanova's ATM is located in the university field house, enabling students to withdraw cash and experience customized banking services designed specifically for them - an industry first. Introduced as the "Nova Financial Center", the ATM will also be the sole distributor of student basketball tickets, relieving congestion at the university's box office.

"This project results from our customers' demand for enhanced, customized ATM services," said Brian Hartline, NOVA's president and chief executive officer. "In addition, Fujitsu's Series 8000, running Prism 1:1, delivers NOVA's brand and products much more effectively than the typical green screen.' As far as I know, the NOVA-Villanova co-sponsorship strategy is the first of its kind."

Philadelphia-based NOVA is a four-branch, state-chartered financial institution with assets totaling about $330 million. Villanova is a Catholic university founded by the Order of Saint Augustine in 1842. It is located in Villanova, Penn. mCom is a Philadelphia-based e-banking software and solutions provider.

"NOVA's management wants to differentiate the bank from its competitors," said Neill Collins, Fujitsu's vice president of financial systems product operations. "They're trying to create a better self-service banking experience for both walk-in customers and those who transact with the bank over the Internet. NOVA is at the forefront of personalization."

Literally wrapped in an eye-catching NOVA/Wildcats banner, the dual-screen ATM displays Villanova sporting highlights and NOVA banking information on the upper screen in stylized video clips. It is impossible to enter the Jake Nevin Field House - the heart of on-campus athletics - and not be drawn to the machine.

A game of strategy
Villanova is famous for sports - there's even a 19-year waiting list for basketball tickets. For the past two years, in fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked Villanova's athletics program as one of the nation's top 20.

For every home game, the university reserves 1,500 basketball tickets for its 6,100 students. These tickets are distributed via an online campus lottery, offering every student an equal chance to attend the games. A flat fee for football and basketball tickets is added to all student tuitions.

By December - the beginning of "hoops" season - Prism 1:1 will allow the Fujitsu unit to dispense these pre-printed basketball tickets. To pick them up, lottery winners will simply swipe their student identification cards through the ATM's card-reader, replacing the lines, lists and resources necessary to run the box office.

"Brian Hartline and I created this project in order to strengthen both NOVA's customer base and Villanova's athletics program," said Chris Heck, Villanova's assistant vice president and general manager of ISP sports. "The bank's strategy involves attracting college freshmen who are generally first-time users of banking and financial services. For universities, it's a good idea to place ATMs inside athletic facilities when selling concessions and merchandise. This concept goes a step further by allowing students to pick up tickets any time - not just when the box office is open. The bank, the university, the students - we all win."

The Prism 1:1 application will enable Nova Bank to offer personalized ATM services to its customers.

"We plan to ask about 100 students to customize their transactions, via personal computer, using the university's intranet," said Robel Gugsa, Fujitsu's senior systems engineer. "With Prism 1:1's personalization capabilities, students can request services such as specific withdrawal amounts, paper or e-mail receipts, and displayed (or non-displayed) account balances to be presented each time they use the ATM."

Prism 1:1 allows banks to tailor ATM screens to fit a customer's transaction needs, which the bank can track remotely by examining the customer's habits and requests. By making ATM screens and offers more closely resemble the bank's branch and online channels, Prism 1:1 provides a more consistent and compelling experience to banking customers.

"Prism 1:1 allows NOVA to leverage its ATM channel in ways that, until now, have only been affordable to the mega-banks," said Tom Maiorino, mCom's chief executive officer. "The Prism 1:1 partners - Fujitsu, mCom and Concord (NOVA's electronic funds transfer partner) - teamed up for the successful deployment of this innovative technology."

Concord EFS, Inc. operates the STAR debit network, which hosts transactions for NOVA's ATM family. Concord's Kevin Carroll, director of ATM products, said the Villanova project proves that the parties involved are market leaders.

"We at Concord understand and support the ATM industry, having serviced thousands of Windows-based terminals," said Carroll. "NOVA is small, innovative and flexible enough to take advantage of these new capabilities; it's the first mid-tier bank in our network to accomplish this goal."

Fujitsu's Series 8000 ATMs
Fujitsu's Series 8000 Web-enabled ATMs and cash dispensers can expand up to five cassettes to dispense a wide range of media - stamps, coupons, phone cards, multiple-denomination notes, foreign currency and tickets. The units are available in off-premise, in-lobby, through-the-wall and drive-up models.

Series 8000 ATMs support the Microsoft Windows operating system, integrating seamlessly into existing 912-compatible networks. They comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act and are the industry's first to use text-to-speech technology for the visually impaired. The machines also incorporate Triple Data Encryption (DES) security.

About mCom Financial Solutions
mCom Financial Solutions, based in Philadelphia, is a leading e-Banking solutions provider with a focus on delivering multi-channel capability to the evolving ATM and self-service channels. With its Darwin Platform, mCom offers a suite of modular channel solutions, including the Prism 1:1 ATM module co-branded with Fujitsu.

mCom's team continues to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions that enable providers of banking services to better leverage their banking channels and differentiate from their competitors. mCom FS...The evolution of eBanking! Learn more at

For sales and product information call 1-800-340-4425.

About Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.
Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702) and the IT "lifecycle solutions" provider for retailing and financial systems technologies. Focused on helping customers relentlessly reduce costs, Fujitsu's offerings include infrastructure management services, point-of-sale hardware and software, handheld devices and Web-enabled automated-teller machines. The company has operated in North America for more than 30 years and has 1,000 employees and 25 offices in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. It serves customers such as Albertsons, Best Buy, ChevronTexaco, M & T Bank, Nordstrom, REI, Staples and The TJX Companies, among others.

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