Dy 4 Champions Support for Gedae DSP Software Development Tool

11/13/2003 - Dy 4 Systems, a division of Force Computers, a Solectron company, announced support for the GedaeTM software development tool from Gedae Inc. for use with its CHAMP-AV II Quad PowerPCTM Digital Signal Processing (DSP) product. Gedae is a software development tool for multi-processor DSP systems based on a block diagram programming paradigm.

The Gedae tool allows a programmer to use a graphical representation to specify the functionality of a system, and then automatically generate code targeted to specific embedded hardware. The results rival the efficiency of hand-coded applications, but with a dramatic increase in programmer productivity - typically five fold during development, and even greater for ongoing maintenance of the software. Gedae-developed applications are inherently portable to any hardware platform supported with a Gedae BSP.

Gedae is in use at many leading defense and aerospace contractors around the world. At a recent user's conference, papers were presented by representatives from BAE, Raytheon, Thales, Qinetiq, EADS, Alenia-Marconi and the US Air Force Rome Labs.

The implementation on Dy 4's CHAMP-AV II hardware is the first time that Gedae has supported a switch fabric interconnect. Gedae takes advantage of Dy 4's Inter-Processor Communications library (IPC) to perform processor-to-processor data transfers. The IPC library supports high-performance communications between software tasks, which may be operating on a single processor, or on many processors in a large system interconnected via Dy 4's StarFabric technology with the same software interface.

"The porting effort to the Dy 4 hardware went very smoothly," said Bill Lundgren, president of Gedae. "We started by using Dy 4's IPC software to communicate between processors on a single board, and once we verified the correct operation of Gedae on that platform, it was a trivial exercise to extend Gedae to run over StarFabric via the same API. We are excited that our Gedae customers now have the option to use Dy 4's high performance rugged DSP products in their deployed systems."

The Gedae port runs with the VxWorks® real-time operating system from Wind River. It also takes advantage of Dy 4's IXLibs-AV DSP function library which provides Altivec optimized functions for more than 200 commonly used signal processing functions.

Gedae is available now from Gedae Inc. The CHAMP-AV II, IPC, and IXLibs-AV are available from Dy 4.

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