California Micro Offers EMI Filters with ESD Protection for Handsets

11/13/2003 - California Micro Devices (NASDAQ: CAMD) announced the CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter arrays with low capacitance electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. The primary applications for these devices include providing EMI filtering and ESD protection for color LCD data lines in clamshell-type wireless handsets and high speed integrated camera interfaces. The CSPEMI606 provides six channels of EMI filtering with ESD protection, while the CSPEMI607 combines four channels of EMI filtering with ESD protection plus four channels dedicated only to ESD protection. Use of the highly integrated CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 designed in compact CSP (chip scale packaging) form factor simplify printed circuit board (PCB) layout while providing up to 89% and 87% board space savings respectively. When manufacturing, quality, procurement and inventory costs are factored into the equation, these devices can enable customers to realize up to a 50% reduction in total solution costs. The CSPEMI60x family of filter arrays, which includes the previously announced CSPEMI608, employ California Micro Devices’ new CenturionTM advanced zener process technology, which provides enhanced EMI filter performance, greater ESD protection and dramatically lower capacitance levels.

Designed for the Latest Wireless Handset and Digital Camera Applications
The addition of CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 to the CSPEMI60x product family gives design engineers more flexibility when it comes to implementing solutions for the LCD and digital camera interfaces as well as flexible PCB interfaces between different system boards incorporated in the handset design.

The eight channel CSPEMI608 was introduced to provide EMI filtering and ESD protection for color LCDs. However, LCD interfaces are not always optimally configured in 8-bit multiples. Additionally, while the data lines require robust filtering and ESD protection, the LCD interface control lines, such as supply voltage lines, only require ESD protection and capacitive filtering. The use of the CSPEMI608 or the CSPEMI606 in combination with the CSPEMI607 can provide an optimally configured solution.

The number of wireless handsets with an integrated camera has increased significantly over the past 2 years. The camera image sensor is often located in the LCD section of clamshell wireless handsets and requires a flexible PCB to transit and receive signals with the main system board. High data rates across the interface can create a situation where the flexible PCB will behave as an antenna and radiate EMI to the external environment. Use of the CSPEMI60x family of devices can protect against this occurrence.

In addition to color LCDs and camera sensor modules, handset designs often utilize multiple boards within a single phone. In these cases, a flexible PCB is used to connect the high frequency data lines between these boards. The CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 can be utilized to suppress EMI radiation and provide immunity to ESD strikes for these interfaces.

Effective EMI Filtering with High Level of ESD Protection
Both the CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 provide effective EMI filtering to attenuate unwanted high frequency signals. The pi-filters used in this product family provide attenuation levels of 30dB and 40dB at frequencies of 1GHz and 3GHz respectively. The devices were designed to provide a cut-off frequency of 118MHz such that signals up to this point can be passed through this band while attenuating unwanted frequencies that exceed this parameter. In addition, the CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 can withstand ESD strikes of up to ±15kV contact discharge, a level of performance that exceeds the IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 industry standard.

"Working closely with customers, we identified an opportunity for a new class of solutions for high bandwidth LCD and camera interfaces that offer more robust EMI filtering and lower capacitance ESD protection," stated Mazhar Hussain, director of marketing for mobile products. "Our CenturionTM process technology was developed to address this need. The resulting products and the customer acceptance they are receiving point to the success of our application specific design approach and underscore our position as technology and market leader," he concluded.

Lead Free and OptiGuardTM Backside Coating Options Available
California Micro Devices offers the CSPEMI60x product family with a standard eutectic chip scale format as well as lead free CSP versions. Both the standard and lead free CSPs are available with OptiGuardTM backside coating. This coating increases the strength of these devices, protecting them from the chip-outs and microfissures that can occur when the devices are placed on the PCB during the manufacturing process.

Key Features and Benefits
Features of the CSPEMI60x product family include:

Pricing and Availability
The CSPEMI606 and CSPEMI607 are currently sampling, and are priced at $0.57 and $0.57 each in 1,000 units. Volume production is scheduled for December 2003.

About California Micro Devices Corporation
California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application-specific analog semiconductor products for the mobile, computing, and consumer electronics markets. Key products include Application Specific Integrated Passive (ASIPTM) devices and power management ICs. Detailed corporate and product information may be accessed at

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