NI and Huazhong University Create Joint Virtual Instrumentation Lab

11/13/2003 - National Instruments announced it has established with Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) a virtual instrumentation lab in the department of electronics science and engineering at HUST in Wuhan, China. National Instruments also has donated a LabVIEW campus site license along with data acquisition hardware to be used for teaching hands-on training throughout the top seventh ranked university in China.

A ceremony for the VI lab opening was held on September 26, 2003 at the university. HUST Vice President, Mr. Liu Xianju, and NI China Branch Manager, Dr. Chen Dapang, attended the ceremony, signed the donation agreement and gave speeches on the campus-wide collaboration between NI and HUST.

"We are excited about working with HUST to expand the studentís access to virtual instrumentation," says Chen. "Implementing LabVIEW software and NI data acquisition hardware into HUST laboratories gives the engineering students the opportunity to put engineering principles into practice, which will better prepare them for the workplace. With the addition of the new VI lab, every teacher and student at HUST can use LabVIEW and additional National Instruments software packages that were also donated, such at LabWindows/CVI and Measurement Studio."

"With the NI LabVIEW platform, students complete experiments and projects in a much shorter period, and we can greatly expand the use of limited lab facilities; students can do experiments anywhere, anytime," said Professor Jiang. "The new VI lab allows us to teach the most advanced virtual instrumentation technologies as well as increase our researching capabilities."

Additional labs in the universityís electronics experiment center and physics department have successfully upgraded experiments with the NI platform. In addition, HUST uses NI technology in other fields such as civil engineering, mechanics and materials science. Located in the center of China, HUST was established 50 years ago and is famous for engineering education in China. More than 60 percent of the universityís 70,000 students study science and engineering. Refer to the following link for general information on HUST:

In the past two years, NI has donated LabVIEW, data acquisition systems and PXI systems worth more than 250,000 USD to universities in China to help them build VI labs and enable hands-on learning with the use of LabVIEW and NI VI technologies in the fields of electronics, mechanics and physics.

National Instruments is committed to inspiring and preparing students from kindergarten to graduate school for careers in the fields of engineering and science. NI works with thousands of educational institutions worldwide and offers a wide range of products, training and sponsorship for educational programs, such as RoboLab, a LabVIEW-based software program for LEGO Mindstorms that teaches elementary school students about complex engineering concepts, and Future Truck, a North American competition that challenges university engineering students to create more fuel-efficient SUVs. For more information about National Instruments academic initiatives, readers can visit

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