California Micro Unveils EMI Filter with ESD Protection for SD Cards

11/12/2003 - California Micro Devices (NASDAQ: CAMD) announced the CM1423, the industry’s first electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter array with electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for the Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card interface. The CM1423 is a six channel EMI filter array with ESD protection plus four dedicated channels of ESD protection, providing a complete solution for the high speed I/O interface of SD card slots susceptible to radiated EMI and ESD strikes. The highly integrated chip scale package ASIPTM (Application Specific Integrated PassiveTM) device incorporates 34 discrete components and provides up to 89% board space savings versus discrete implementations. The CM1423 is the fourth device from California Micro Devices to utilize the new CenturionTM advanced zener process technology, which provides enhanced EMI filter performance, greater ESD protection and dramatically lower capacitance levels.

SD Cards Becoming a Standard
With the increasing popularity of camera phones and the introduction of video phones, there is a need to store large image files within a small media storage device. The SD Memory Card, and its smaller form factor miniSD Memory Card, have become the de facto standard for high capacity, high performance and small form factor removable memory cards. The SD and miniSD Memory Card formats are expected to increase market share from 32.6% this year to over 50% in 2005, according to IDC. With the advent of the miniSD format for wireless handsets and PDAs, the popularity of the SD format, already widely used in digital still cameras, is expected to increase dramatically.

"The SD Card is well positioned to meet the needs of all applications from the point of view of size, performance and security," stated Joseph Unsworth, an analyst from Gartner Dataquest. "Its strength in the mobile application segment will drive it to become the dominant flash card format by 2004."

The SD and miniSD Memory Card interfaces are subjected to considerable handling and when in operation transmit and receive high speed data. ESD protection is needed so that ESD strikes will not damage the devices downstream from the connector. Also, EMI filtering removes high frequency signals so that they do not radiate into the external environment or affect the operation of the wireless handset itself.

Effective EMI Filtering with High Level of ESD Protection
The CM1423 provides effective EMI filtering to attenuate unwanted frequency signals that may occur at the SD Memory Card interface. The device features six pi filters (12pF/100 Ohms/12pF) that have a cutoff frequency of 130MHz, and can attenuate unwanted signals by more than 30dB up to 3GHz. In addition to the six filters, there are four dedicated channels for ESD protection. Both the filters and dedicated ESD protection channels are able to withstand ESD strikes of ±15kV contact discharge. This level of performance far exceeds the IEC61000-4-2 Level 4 specification outlined in EMC regulatory compliance tests.

"The CM1423 CSP ASIPTM device for SD and miniSD Memory Card applications offers customers a highly integrated, single chip solution for ESD protection and EMI filtering of their SD card interfaces," said Mazhar Hussain, director of marketing for mobile products. "The CM1423 brings significant value to customers employing this emerging standard with an easy to use, high performance solution that offers maximum part count reduction, space savings and solution cost reduction."

Lead Free and OptiGuardTM Backside Coating Options Available
In response to the global industry movement to protect the environment through lead free manufacturing, California Micro Devices offers the CM1423 with lead free solder balls. California Micro Devices also offers the CM1423 with OptiGuardTM backside coating. This coating increases the durability of these devices, protecting them from the chip-outs and microfissures that can occur when the devices are placed on the PCB during the manufacturing process.

Key Features and Benefits
Features of the CM1423 include:

Pricing and Availability (Unit Price @ 1ku)
CM1423-01CS - $0.740
CM1423-01CP - $0.770
CM1423-03CS - $0.800
CM1423-03CP - $0.860

Samples are available now. Volume Production is scheduled for February 2004.

About California Micro Devices Corporation
California Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application-specific analog semiconductor products for the mobile, computing, and consumer electronics markets. Key products include Application Specific Integrated Passive (ASIPTM) devices and power management ICs. Detailed corporate and product information may be accessed at

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