Butler Group Names Compuware OptimalJ as Best-of-Breed Development Tool

11/12/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced that Butler Group recently gave Compuware OptimalJ, a model-driven, J2EE development environment, an "outperform rating" in the application development tools market. Butler Group's outperform designation means that Compuware OptimalJ has established a commanding market position as a solution that is accepted as best-of-breed.

The report titled "Application Development Strategies--New Technologies and Methods for the Full Life-cycle" also notes that Compuware OptimalJ meets current and future life-cycle development needs. In the report, available at http://www.compuware.com/products/optimalj/1791_ENG_HTML.htm, Butler Group stated that it raised a "high bar" in assessing products in a broad market with many vendors and tools, and that Compuware is a leader in J2EE application development solutions.

"Compuware has established a commanding market position with OptimalJ," said Teresa Jones, co-author of the report and Senior Research Analyst with Butler Group. "Over the next few years we will continue to see strong growth in the adoption of the model-driven and pattern-based approach embraced by Compuware OptimalJ--particularly by enterprises seeking to increase IT productivity and mitigate risk by ensuring application quality through best practices. Compuware has a winning strategy, with its active support for the MDA concept now starting to pay off."

Compuware OptimalJ is an advanced application development environment that reduces the time, cost, risk and complexity associated with delivering and maintaining enterprise Java applications. With Compuware OptimalJ, businesses routinely save 40 percent over traditional development methods. More importantly, in the maintenance phase of the application where approximately 80 percent of application dollars are spent, OptimalJ customers report savings of up to 90 percent over traditional development methods.

"We are excited in Butler's finding because it reaffirms what Compuware customers have known all along: that model-driven applications development is the approach of choice for enterprises demanding the highest quality and the highest productivity," said Dan Schoenbaum, Vice President of Strategy for Compuware. "This report provides organizations in all industries with yet one more proof point in the importance of aligning IT with business goals and doing more with less. Compuware OptimalJ delivers on these core business needs--today."

Butler Group found that even after decades of application development, there is still a wide gap between business and IT--with technical staff knowing too little about the requirements of the organization, and business users finding technical issues too complex. Model Driven Architecture (MDA) addresses some of these issues as it enables an enterprise to ensure that applications are developed in line with business requirements as the business model drives all development work. This guarantees that business goals, rather than technology, are the basis for application development. It also ensures that applications are agile enough to respond and evolve to changing business needs.

Butler Group has forecast that the MDA approach is set to revolutionize application development, with its report stating, "...effective use of MDA will allow an enterprise to make tremendous productivity gains." It also stated that development based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will prevail and that this will strengthen the role of web services in the market.

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