MaxStream Unveils XStream Interference Immunity for Wireless Modules

11/12/2003 - MaxStream, Inc., the worldwide leader in wireless modem networking for electronic devices, announced XStream Interference ImmunityTM (XIITM) technology for its wireless module transceivers. This proprietary hardware and software feature set allows product designers using MaxStream products to create wireless systems that are immune to most RF interferers (cell phones, pagers, other wireless systems, etc.).

“In a world becoming increasingly crowded with wireless devices, we believe XStream Interference Immunity was the appropriate technological step to advance MaxStream’s presence in wireless systems developed throughout the world,” said Brad Walters, President & CEO at MaxStream. “Designers are always concerned with the reliability of wireless communications. XII represents the latest feature set providing our most advanced interference solution. We want designers to be assured that MaxStream will be in the forefront of technologies providing reliable wireless connections for their systems.”

About XII
When operating within the 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands, cell phones, pagers and other wireless systems can dramatically interfere with wireless links. MaxStream’s XII technology can block 60 dB of interference. Interference just 1 MHz away can be 1 million times stronger than the MaxStream signal and only degrade the receiver sensitivity by 3 dB. This interfering device would have to output more than 100,000 Watts to significantly affect the transmission of MaxStream products.

MaxStream products also utilize frequency hopping spread spectrum communication that, by design, delivers additional protection against interference.

The XStream Interference Immunity feature set ships in all MaxStream wireless products. For more information, please contact MaxStream at (801) 765-9885.

About MaxStream, Inc.
MaxStream is the leading worldwide developer of wireless modem networking for electronic devices. MaxStream currently provides wireless modem modules, stand-alone radio modems, RF design services, and supporting software. Products and services by MaxStream include designing, manufacturing and supporting wireless communications for embedded systems. For more information regarding MaxStream's products and services, contact MaxStream, Inc. at, or call (801) 765-9885.

MaxStream, XII and XStream are trademarks of MaxStream, Incorporated.

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