Eurotech Launches CPU-1450 Pentium III PC/104-Plus Module

11/10/2003 - Eurotech presents the CPU-1450 that has been designed for high performance applications, such as traffic surveillance (ITS), video security (DVR), automotive (AVL/AVM), and data elaboration units in complex systems, e.g. Distributed Embedded Video Servers or Embedded Multimedia and High Bandwidth Industrial Communication Devices.

The CPU-1450 is an embedded board based on two modules: a mezzanine CPU module stacked on top of a PC/104-Plus form factor carrier.

The CPU mezzanine of the CPU-1450 module is a small board that features the CPU processor and its Intel® 815E chipset with 133MHz maximum bus frequency. The processor is an ULV BGA Celeron 400MHz that has a low power consumption and is suitable for embedded applications. Optionally, an ULV BGA Pentium® III 800MHz (256KB L2) can also be mounted. The system RAM - 256MB - is also soldered onboard. Both the Celeron and Pentium III versions don’t require any active cooling to operate over standard and extended temperature ranges. Eurotech has developed a specific flat heat sink to ensure proper operation.

The carrier implements all the connections to the external world, including 4 USB ports, 1 Fast Ethernet controller (10/100Mbps), 2 Serial ports, 1 Parallel port, 1 Floppy port, 1 VGA controller, 1 AC97 audio sound controller, Real Time Clock, Watchdog, Keyboard, Mouse and an IDE controller that supports any type of IDE Flash devices (DiskonModule®, CompactFlash® and Flash Disk). The carrier also performs the connections for the ISA and PCI bridge enabling the CPU-1450 to stack on top of a PC/104-Plus system. The carrier can be customized to match specific customer needs.

The CPU-1450 supports any operating systems available for standard PC platforms: Win95/98/XP/NT/2000/CE®, VxWorks®, Linux®, ROM-DOS, QNX®.

The module’s embedded BIOS is located in a 1MB Flash EPROM and is re-programmable onboard. The set-up parameters are saved in Flash to allow the module to operate without a battery.

Like all Eurotech products, the CPU-1450 has been designed for harsh environments and for high reliability applications. It can resist vibrations, humidity, and both high and low temperatures without fan cooling. Its standard operating temperature range is from 0°C up to +60°C, but the module can be qualified for extended temperature ranges.

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