Test Verifies VISTA is First to Break 30 Watt Power Dissipation Limit

11/10/2003 - VISTA Controls Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW; CW.B) and a leading manufacturer of mission critical systems for military and severe environment applications, has released the results from recent thermal tests on its PPC G4D COTS single board computer (SBC). The results verify claims that the SBC is the first in the industry to break the 30 Watt IEEE 1101.2 conduction-cooled power dissipation limit currently set by the standard.

Test results confirm that VISTA Controls’ PPC G4D can safely dissipate up to 60 W of total onboard power to a chassis sidewall temperature of 75ºC. The board was mounted on a conduction-cooled base plate rack in a thermal chamber (to eliminate any external air flow) with thermocouples strategically placed on the most thermally sensitive components.

The PPC G4D operated for three hours dissipating 40.3 W of power; thermal measurements on both the PPC 7455 onboard microprocessors were well below their 95ºC limit. All other onboard thermocouple measurements also verified that the components were well within thermal limits.

The addition of two PMC modules operating at 7.5 W each (15 W total) had no appreciable effects on the overall onboard thermal profile assuring that power dissipation in excess of 55 W can be achieved using ECTITM (Enhanced Cold-wall Thermal Interface)."

ECTI is a VISTA Controls’ patent-pending cooling design that effectively doubles the board’s conduction surface area. The unique thermal shunt directs over 90 percent of the heat of the PowerPC RISC microprocessors directly to the standardized cold wall interface. This minimizes latent heating effects, thereby cutting the thermal impedances in half without breaking any of the 6U x 160mm Eurocard physical or electrical design, industry standards and specifications. ECTI technology ensures a controlled, secure and intimate contact with the processor die regardless of the position of the expander (Wedgelock).

Besides its dissipation capabilities, this 6U Eurocard processor board contains several technical firsts for rugged conduction-cooled products: dual 7457-based Power PC, processor speeds in excess of 1 GHz and a 600K gate user-programmable FPGA.

Utilizing the latest generation, lower power Motorolaâ G4 7457-series PowerPCTM with AltiVecTM RISC microprocessors, the PPC G4D provides high-speed, superior performance: Over 1.8 GFLOPS of computing power without sacrificing or compromising onboard I/O or expansion.

Its efficiency, along with up to 2 MB of external L3 cache per processor and clock frequencies of over 1 GHz, makes the PPC G4D ideal for the most demanding applications and performance requirements - from real-time land vehicle control systems and heads-up graphic displays to implementing complex avionics mission computer OFPs (Operational Flight Programs) in either tactical or strategic aircraft.

The PPC G4D is also available in extended-temperature, rugged air- cooled versions.

For more information regarding VISTA Controls’ or services, contact Doug Patterson, director of marketing, VISTA Controls, 28965 Avenue Penn, Santa Clarita, CA 91355, USA. Tel: 661-257-4430, Fax: 661-257-4782; e-mail: doug@VISTAcontrols.com, Web site: www.VISTAcontrols.com.

VISTA Controls, with operations in Santa Clarita and Oakland, Calif., and Littleton, Mass., designs and develops a wide variety of leading-edge defense electronics systems and board-level items including SBCs, graphics, high-speed data fabrics, I/O, memory, chassis and security sensor products. The company specializes in the design and development of electronics systems, turnkey power control, security networks and distribution subsystems with emphasis on manufacturing engineering, configuration and obsolescence management for military programs. Applications for its products range from mission processors, fire control and power distribution subsystems for ground vehicles, surface and subsurface naval platforms, and tactical and strategic fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, to low- and high-earth orbit space vehicles and security sensors for fixed asset platforms.

More info: Edee Hathaway, VISTA Controls, 28965 Avenue Penn, Santa Clarita, CA, 91355, USA. Tel: 661-257-4430; fax: Fax 661-257-4782; e-mail: sales@VISTAcontrols.com.

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