Auriga Presents Russian Technology for German IT Industry

11/10/2003 - Auriga Inc., an American-Russian provider of offshore, offsite, and onshore software development services, was part of the Road Show of the leading Russian software development companies across Germany held October 21-29, 2003.

Auriga brought to Germany its twelve-year experience of successful offshore service delivery for U.S. and Western European clients, including Germany’s Force Computers and Siemens, among others. Sergei Riabov, Director of Business Development at Auriga, addressed the audiences in Berlin and at Systems 2003 in Munich with a presentation entitled "Offshore Software Development Centers in Russia: Risk Mitigation Strategy". He highlighted benefits of offshoring IT to Russia for German high-tech businesses and focused on the critical strategies needed to ensure a successful offshore engagement.

“With Germany heading out of recession, it will inevitably follow the global trend of passing high-tech jobs to the cost-effective destinations,” said Sergei Riabov. “While large German corporations have already started benefiting from offshore IT outsourcing, small and mid-size businesses remain cautious of the new strategy. Russia with its unique pool of IT resources has been overlooked by German IT as a near-shore outsourcing partner. In this respect, the Road Show in Germany has been instrumental in raising awareness of Russian technology capabilities and benefits of offshoring in Russia for German companies. It also helped leading Russian software services suppliers extend their reach to potential customers in Germany.”

The event brought together Russia’s leading software development companies and German IT and business communities of Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin to boost Russian-German bilateral technology and business cooperation. Addressing the Road Show participants and attendees in Berlin, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Krylov stressed that information technology is one of the most promising areas for Russian-German cooperation.

The Road Show was a joint event organized by FORT-ROSS IT Services Consortium, RUSSOFT Association and Germany’s BITKOM Association. It also launched the first “Russian IT Season” in Europe organized by Fort Ross in the wake of the first two successful Russian IT Seasons in the United States held in 2002 and 2003.

About Auriga, Inc.
Auriga, headquartered in Amherst, NH, is an IT consulting company providing software development and maintenance services to R&D/engineering and IT departments. Founded in 1990, Auriga is one of the oldest and most experienced American-Russian offshore software development firms. Auriga provides services throughout all stages of the software life cycle, including requirements analysis, design, development, integration, porting/migration, quality assurance, and release engineering. Auriga's core areas of expertise are systems software development, enterprise application development, and sustaining engineering.

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