Fujitsu Consulting Helps Alberta Petroleum Industry Save Time, Money

11/6/2003 - The Alberta Government, oil and gas industry partners, and Fujitsu Consulting marked a successful first year of operation of the Petroleum Registry of Alberta. The ambitious new web-based application provides more than 1,200 oil and gas companies with an efficient means of reporting data to the province's Ministry of Energy and industry partners—replacing an aging system that did not meet the evolving needs of business.

Since launching a year ago, the online Registry has provided immediate and dramatic benefits by creating a single authoritative source of secure, standardized, shareable, and timely petroleum-related information. By eliminating numerous paper-based processes, the registry is expected to save the industry in excess of $12 million a year through more accurate reporting, reductions in administrative costs and savings related to easier access to information. Furthermore, the registry has dramatically reduced the level of data entry at the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, generating additional benefit, and allowing that organization to reassign a number of employees to other duties.

"There were no blueprints for this kind of project so in the design phase we worked very closely with the government and its industry partners to clearly identify their needs," said Scott Garvey, president of Fujitsu Consulting (Canada). "By using our proven Enterprise Value Management principles, we were able to develop an application that has helped the Government of Alberta and its oil and gas industry partners realize significant, measurable benefits within the first year of operation of the Registry."

Fujitsu Consulting started work on the project in 1999, utilizing the power of Microsoft's BizTalk Server environment to create an effective method of delivering and exchanging information and integrating complex business processes. Additionally Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Site Server enhanced the Registry's ability to support the advanced user communications and web capabilities needed to maintain the highest availability for industry reporting of oil and gas volumetric data.

The registry first went live in October 2002—on time and under budget. Since then Fujitsu Consulting and the registry team have fine-tuned the system. For months now the application has been running at peak efficiency, meeting—and in many cases exceeding—industry-set performance levels.

The design of the registry has gained attention in the oil and gas industry as well as the technology sector. Most recently it was recognized with the prestigious Technology in Manufacturing Award, winning in the "Most Innovative Software Implementation" category. The TIM awards, announced annually by Canada's IT for Industry magazine, recognize the top technology implementations in the country.

"The Registry is another great example of how we're making it easier for companies to do business in Alberta," said Don Keech, assistant deputy minister, Alberta Department of Energy. "Fujitsu Consulting did an excellent job of transforming this ground-breaking idea into a workable solution that now saves Alberta companies time and money each and every day. The project has clearly established Alberta as an IT innovator in the global petroleum industry and illustrates the kinds of tangible results that can be achieved with a private-public partnership."

With the successful completion of the first year of operation, the registry has delivered a number of clear benefits to Alberta's oil and gas sector:

Industry involvement in the project was sponsored by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and the Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC). Greg Stringham, vice president, Markets and Fiscal Policy for CAPP stated, "In addition to the initial tangible efficiencies in filing government reports for the oil and gas industry in Alberta, we see significant future potential for the extension of the Registry to other jurisdictions and oil and gas applications. This in turn will contribute to further standardization and automation within our sector."

About Fujitsu Consulting Canada
A trusted provider of management and technology consulting to business and government, Fujitsu Consulting is the global consulting and services arm of the $38-bn Fujitsu group. Fujitsu Consulting integrates the core expertise of the Fujitsu companies and its partners to deliver complete business solutions in the areas of Enterprise Value Management, Enterprise Mobility, Legacy Migration and Managed Services. Through its industry-recognized strategic approach, Macroscope®, Fujitsu Consulting enables clients to build more value into their IT investments and drive their leadership in the marketplace.

About the Petroleum Registry of Alberta
The Petroleum Registry of Alberta is a joint strategic initiative of the oil and gas industry and the Alberta Ministry of Energy. The Internet-based registry simplifies and streamlines the collection, use, storage and distribution of volumetric and royalty-related information previously reported to the Energy and Utilities Board, Alberta Energy (for royalty related purposes) and industry partners. The registry provides stakeholders with a single, authoritative source of secure, valid, standardized, shareable and timely petroleum-related information.

About CAPP
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) is the voice of the upstream oil and natural gas industry in Canada. CAPP represents 140 member companies who explore for, develop and produce more than 97 per cent of Canada's natural gas, crude oil, oil sands and elemental sulphur that make up the $65-billion-a year industry.

Working closely with its members, governments, communities and stakeholders, CAPP analyzes key oil and gas issues and represents member interests nationally in 12 of Canada's 13 provinces and territories. CAPP strives to achieve consensus on industry codes of practice and operating guidelines that meet or exceed government standards.

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The Small Explorers and Producers Association of Canada (SEPAC) was formed in 1986 to represent the unique interests of emerging oil companies to the public, governments and other sectors of the oil and gas industry. SEPAC, now representing more than 410 member companies, has become an important voice for this segment of the industry.

The Association's job is to promote and represent the interests of small producers and explorers and educate the public at large about the importance of emerging companies in resource development in Western Canada, and investment opportunities available in our growing segment of the oil patch.

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