Extended Systems Offers Seamless Interface to Any .NET Language

11/5/2003 - Extended Systems (NASDAQ: XTND) announced at the Borland Conference in San Jose, Calif., the release of Advantage .NET Data Provider. Advantage .NET Data Provider creates a native interface for developers using Advantage Database Server and any .NET development language, including Visual Studio .NET and Borland C#Builder. With the addition of native access to .NET, Advantage Database Server now provides a robust and cost effective RDBMS solution for virtually any application development environment on the market.

Native support for .NET allows an additional group of database application developers access to the high performance and low cost of ownership benefits created by Advantage Database Server and provides an alternative to Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access database engines. In addition, Extended Systems has created future flexibility for current Advantage Database Server developers by creating an easy migration path to any .NET development environment they may choose.

"I'm excited that Extended Systems continues to provide innovative solutions that support our future growth plans," said Elliott Ward, Application Lead, at BankOne. "Because Advantage Database Server provides a seamless interface to a multitude of development environments, we have the flexibility to develop in .NET or another language of our choice."

"Support for .NET is yet another addition to the long list of development environments, including Visual Basic, Delphi, JBuilder, and C++Builder, supported by Advantage Database Server," said Chuck Vertrees, Advantage Database Server product manager at Extended Systems. "As the software development market evolves, we will continue to provide a robust client/server database management solution that can be deployed easily and inexpensively."

Pricing and Availability
Advantage .NET Data Provider is now available. Developers can download the Advantage .NET Data Provider from www.AdvantageDatabase.com/go/net. For additional product or pricing information, please call 1-800-235-7576, ext. 5030.

About Advantage Database Server
Advantage Database Server is the culmination of more than 13 years of development experience in the database market. Advantage is backed by a fully trained Technical Services department that helps customers get the most out of their client/server solutions through exceptional support, training and consulting. Today, Advantage Database Server is an award-winning product* that supports over 2.5 million deployments worldwide. It is the trusted solution for organizations spanning from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, each relying upon Advantage Database Server to run mission-critical applications that enable them to successfully conduct their business across the country and around the world. For more information, visit the product Web site: www.AdvantageDatabase.com.

About Extended Systems
Extended Systems provides the expertise, strategy and solutions to help enterprise organizations streamline their business processes. Founded in 1984, Extended Systems has offices and subsidiaries in the United States and worldwide. For more information, visit the company Web site: www.extendedsystems.com.

* Delphi Informant Magazine 2003, 2002, and 2001 Readers Choice Award

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