VDC Reveals Results of Electronic Pressure Sensing Products Study

11/4/2003 - In a market study on electronic pressure sensing products, Venture Development Corporation conducted an extensive Web-based survey with specifiers of these products - end users, OEMs, and systems integrators. The results of these findings are covered in three report volumes, one each for:

The following are a few of the more significant findings of this survey.

Product Specifications and Features Identified as Most Important in Selection of Pressure Sensing Devices (Rankings on Basis of Percent of Users Identifying Criteria)
RankingProcess TransmittersNon-Process Transducers/TransmittersComponent Level Sensors
3Durability/RuggednessDurability/RuggednessTemperature Stability
4Ease of Calibration and RangingRepeatabilityRepeatability
5RepeatabilityTemperature StabilitySmall Size

Other criteria identified by fewer of the users included: communication protocol, ease of maintenance, flexibility/ranging, interchangeability, linearity, response time, and weight.

Also note this table addresses only product and feature selection criteria. Non-product or "commercial" vendor selection criteria (such as price, deliver, application support, service, etc.) are treated separately in the study.

The VDC reports further analyze the product selection criteria by the market segments where the products are used. The following is a summary of these findings:

The criteria for the component level sensors tend to mirror the needs of the users of the transmitter and transducer products these go into. A major exception is the much greater emphasis purchasers of these products place on small size. Forty-four percent of the component level pressure sensor users identified this criterion as being one of their most important, compared to 33% of the non-process pressure transducer and transmitter users, and only 9% of the process pressure transmitter users. A much greater share of these silicon chip products go into applications where small size is important, rather than the overall shares for pressure transducer and transmitter applications.

Since these are un-packaged products, durability and ruggedness are considered less in selection than for packaged (housed) transducers and transmitters.

Overall, VDC found the following upon comparing the product selection criteria among users in the various industries and applications:

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