Texas Memory Demonstrate Versatility of World’s Fastest Storage

11/3/2003 - At Storage Networking World Fall 2003, Texas Memory Systems, manufacturers of the World’s Fastest Storage®, is demonstrating the value of solid state disk speed and connectivity. There, users have the opportunity to observe first-hand how the RamSan-320 solid state disk accelerates several applications in a mixed storage area network (SAN) and direct-attached server mode with multiple vendors’ products.

At the Interoperability and Solutions Demonstration, a RamSan-320 solid state disk is connected to a SAN alongside numerous vendors, including Brocade, Softek and McData. At the same time, it is directly connected to a nearby server running benchmarking software. This demonstrates not only the versatility of external solid state disks, but the RamSan-320’s ability to eliminate I/O and latency bottlenecks for several applications in multiple places at the same time.

“The RamSan was designed to be the most interoperable, as well as the fastest solid state disk in the market,” said Rich Holzmann, V.P. of Engineering at Texas Memory Systems. “We’re a regular participant in the SNW Interoperability and Solutions lab so end users can see the speed and reliability of our product in a highly demanding, heterogeneous environment. They can observe, ask questions, and get a true picture of what they can expect in their own data centers.”

At the Texas Memory Systems booth in the vendor exhibit hall, a RamSan-320 is directly connected to a server utilizing the new Emulex LP10000DC dual channel host bus adapter. This Texas Memory Systems demonstration with Emulex sets a new record in storage performance: 94,000 I/Os per second through a single Emulex LP10000DC and only one of the RamSan’s four dual ported Fibre Channel controllers.

“The performance of the RamSan complements Emulex’s robust LP10000DC HBAs,” said Mike Smith, executive vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Emulex. “We are confident that the combination of Emulex HBAs utilized with RamSan will enable users to accelerate applications and support greater loads.”

Texas Memory Systems is exhibiting at booth PP22 at Storage Networking World.

About Texas Memory Systems
Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage subsystems available. Texas Memory Systems provides solutions that offer the best value and highest performance available in the solid state disk and digital signal processing markets. More information is available at www.texmemsys.com or by calling 713-266-3200.

RamSan and the World’s Fastest Storage are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Memory Systems.

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