Virtio Offers 3 Softboards for Metrowerks CodeWarrior ARM Studio

11/3/2003 - Virtio Corporation, the creator of virtual platforms for embedded software development, announced developers using the Metrowerks CodeWarriorTM Development Studio ARM® ISA Edition for Hardware Board Bring-Up, Version 2.0 will have the option to select from one of three different Virtio Softboards.

The included Softboards are Virtio's VPXS for the Intel® XScaleTM microarchitecture, VPOM-1510 for the Texas Instruments OMAP1510 platform and VPAG for generic ARM 7 and 9 cores. This is the second Metrowerks product to include Virtio Softboard technology as a result of the company's earlier licensing agreement with Virtio. The Softboards are complete software implementations of the reference platforms that are capable of running real target binaries. With these Softboards, embedded application developers may chose the architecture they are targeting to test and debug their native ARM applications on an accurate representation of the actual hardware without having to purchase costly, in-demand reference boards.

Shay Ben-Chorin, president and CEO for Virtio noted, “The inclusion of Virtio's Softboard technology into the CodeWarrior Development Studio provides further validation of the strength, need and timeliness of our technology. With product development cycles continually affected by budget and time constraints, it's imperative that, early on, embedded developers have access to a software environment that enables them to develop the key software applications and integrate the software with hardware to fully leverage the technology inherent within the reference hardware platforms.”

“The flexibility within Virtio's Virtual Platform technology enables us to work with the widest range of hardware platforms, RTOSs and leading development environments,” continued Ben-Chorin. “This is the key to success in the embedded systems market — the ability to address a horizontal field of software and hardware platform implementations.”

D'Arcy Salzmann, wireless marketing director at Metrowerks said, “SoC implementations and structured ASIC design are emerging as the next generation of embedded systems products. The relationship between Metrowerks and Virtio enables us to bring both hardware and software onto these silicon-based implementations to create a tight integration between the two development environments. With Softboards, embedded application developers can get a significant head start on developing, integrating and testing critical applications for targeted hardware platforms without the need for the reference hardware — we're helping our customers to bring their products to market ahead of the competition.”

Virtio products offer software teams improved productivity by enabling early software development and integration through focusing on the top three issues in embedded software development — early access to hardware, complete visibility into the hardware for integrating software and the ability to control the hardware during software integration.

Softboards are one of the three types of platform products provided by Virtio. All of Virtio's platforms provide complete models of embedded systems including processors, peripherals and user interfaces as well as connections to real world-like serial ports and network connections. Specifically, Softboards are targeted at application developers that need the hardware functionality but have no need to see inside the hardware. The Softboard is a complete software implementation of a silicon providers' reference and can run real target binaries. With Softboards included in the CodeWarrior Development Studio ARM ISA Edition for Hardware Board Bring-Up, embedded application developers can test and debug their native ARM applications on an accurate representation of the actual hardware.

Virtio also creates the Platform Development Kit (PDK) and the Virtual Platform (VP). The PDK is targeted to developers that need the ability to customize the platform to match their embedded device while the VP is targeted at software developers that need visibility and control of the hardware for integration.

About Virtio
Virtio powers dramatic gains in software development by delivering early access to fast, full-function software emulation of embedded devices. Virtio is based in Campbell, California in the U.S.A with development centers at Campbell and the Alba Centre, Livingston, Scotland. Additional information about Virtio is available at

About Metrowerks
Metrowerks creates CodeWarrior software and hardware products and services for developers, with a particular focus on the following industries: consumer electronics; transportation; wireless; and networking and communications. The CodeWarrior product line includes hardware and software development tools and middleware that enable customers to decrease their time to market. The company also offers services, including training and custom software development. Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is today an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. Metrowerks corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas; Metrowerks Europe is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland; and Metrowerks Japan is headquartered in Tokyo. More information is available from

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