CiDRA to Integrate Piezo Sensor Technology into SONARtrac Flow Meters

11/3/2003 - Measurement Specialties, Inc. (AMEX: MSS), a designer and manufacturer of sensors and sensor-based consumer products and CiDRA Corporation (Wallingford, CT) have announced a five-year supply and development agreement to incorporate Measurement Specialties’ Piezo Sensor technology into CiDRA’s new SONARtracTM line of flow meters.

SONARtracTM flow meters use a patented approach, based on sonar array processing techniques, to track the velocity of turbulent pipe flows (or “eddies”) as they convect past an array of piezo sensors supplied by Measurement Specialties. By "listening" to the pressure fields associated with the movement of these turbulent eddies, the meters determine the pipe’s flow rate.

Donald Halvorsen, Product Manager for Piezo Sensors, stated, “Piezo sensors are being used in a variety of different sensor applications, but this application is especially exciting. We have been working very closely with CiDRA to this point in order to optimize the piezo material for their flow meters. Now we will continue to do this work and to investigate areas for further value added opportunities. Their use of the piezo material in the SONARtracTM will change they way flow is measured, and we are really excited to be a part of it.”

The new meters feature a “clamp-on” configuration that installs on existing pipe, eliminating process disruptions, and provide accurate flow rate measurements in pipes ranging from 1 inch to 60 inches in diameter and flow velocities ranging from 2 ft/s to over 200 ft/s. SONARtracTM flow meters are designed for use in the paper & pulp, power generation, chemicals and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and water and wastewater treatment industries, among other applications.

Measurement Specialties’ piezo sensors are based on a lightweight, flexible piezo polymer film that accurately converts strain into an electrical charge. The technology has been applied to a wide range of industries, including medical electronics, instrumentation, accelerometers, ultrasound sensors, acoustics, traffic monitoring systems, and hydrophones.

CiDRA Corporation, Wallingford, CT, ( is the developer and manufacturer of a new class of industrial flow meters that utilize measurement principles distinct from all previous, conventional flow meter technologies. CiDRA's proprietary technology was initially developed for flow measurement in one of the world's most demanding environments: downhole, offshore oil and gas production. For this application, users require accurate, reliable and maintenance-free operation for the life of the well due to the inaccessibility of the meter once it is deployed. CiDRA has engineered the SONARtrac family of flow meters for similar performance on a wide range of industrial flow applications.

Measurement Specialties (AMEX: MSS), designs, develops, produces, and sells electronic sensors and sensor-based consumer products. Consumer products include body-weight, kitchen, and postal scales, electronic tire pressure gauges, parking aids, and distance estimators. Industrial products include sensors for high volume, OEM applications. Measurement Specialties’ products employ specialized application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and diverse sensor technologies based on micromachining (the three-dimensional sculpting of silicon), MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems), force balance, strain gage, capacitive, inductive, piezoresisitive micromachined, and piezopolymer film, which provide accurate and efficient measurement, resolution and display of ranges of distance, motion, fluid level, force, displacement, angle, or pressure.

For more information, contact: Measurement Specialties, Inc., 1000 Lucas Way, Hampton, VA 23666; tel: (757) 766-4397; fax: (757) 766-3979; web site:

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