Adtron Delivers Performance and Capacity with 2.5 IDE Flash Disk

10/31/2003 - Adtron Corporation announced the I25FB 2.5-inch IDE flash disk drive with sustained read and write rates greater than 16Mbytes/second, more than doubling the performance of other commercially available flash disks. Adtron media controller technology provides the foundation for the accelerated performance and is the technological basis of the I35FB and S35FB family released in April 2003. The I25FB and its sister product, the I35FB, are the first in Adtron’s product line to employ its newly developed ATA interface.

“The I25FB extends Adtron’s high performance IDE flash disk drive family into the 2.5” form factor,” stated Alan Fitzgerald, Chief Technology Officer at Adtron. “The I25FB fills the gap for industrial, defense, telecom, and networking applications that use smaller form factors, have high performance, reliability and durability requirements. The I25FB significantly outperforms common hard disk drives for booting, data streaming, and random access data processing by eliminating the mechanical delays inherent in rotating media.”

Adtron’s patent-pending media controller and the newest development, the ATA interface controller, drive the future of Adtron IDE flash storage products, including extensions to Serial ATA. The Adtron patent-pending media controller is the foundation of Adtron’s “cacheless” flash drive technology. The new ATA interface controller permits enhanced emulation features, such as those required for tape drive emulation, which may not otherwise be supported by off-the-shelf controllers. With only moderate tailoring, the I25FB can slip easily into an obsolete tape drive or hard disk drive implementation, isolating the application from media changes, while providing superior long-term reliability. Consistent with Adtron’s philosophy, both new technologies conform to industry standards.

The I25FB supports PIO, Multiword DMA, and Ultra DMA interfaces. Reliability is ensured by advanced defect management and techniques including ECC (Error Correction Code), wear leveling and spare sector mapping. High speed secure erase features meet the needs of defense security specifications. Low power operation reduces cooling and power supply requirements. Field upgradeable flash firmware prevents future obsolescence. The I25FB can be configured as a master or slave IDE disk.

Models are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 128Mbyte to 8Gbytes. The I25FB has been tested to the MIL-STD-810 military specifications. Versions are available for commercial (0 to 70°C), enhanced (-25 to 75°C), and industrial (-45 to 85°C) operating temperature ranges.

List pricing for a 4GB I25FB IDE flash disk drive with a industrial temperature rating is $2,900.00. For more information, contact Adtron Sales at (602) 735-0300 or by e-mail at Lead-time is stock to eight weeks ARO.

About Adtron
Adtron designs and manufactures electronic data storage solutions for demanding applications. Adtron tailors its systems to OEM requirements for optimum reliability, durability and availability. Design flexibility solves problems associated with integrating traditional disk and tape drives into commercial, industrial and military computer systems. Adtron's flash-based storage products emulate disk and tape drive functions while providing extreme durability and reliability in harsh environments. Adtron's disk-based storage products provide long-term availability, thereby eliminating requalification, last time buys and inventory management costs. Adtron's Quality System is certified to conform to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards. You can find more information about Adtron at

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