Fonix Rolls Out Speech Solution on Seiko Epson S1C33 Processor Chips

10/30/2003 - Fonix(R) Corp. (FNIX), a global provider of leading speech solutions, announces the availability of our speech interface technologies on two new semiconductor chips in the Seiko Epson S1C33 family. Fonix and Epson showcased the combined software and chip speech solution this week at the NE Embedded Processor Symposium in Yokohama, Japan.

"Fonix speech solutions on the Epson S1C33L11 and S1C33301 chips provide a powerful platform to develop mobile phones and other devices that are safer and more convenient," said Yasuhisa Hirabayashi, general manager of Seiko Epson IC Marketing Department. "The power of Epson chips gives developers and OEMs the opportunity to integrate and bundle speech solutions on highly efficient mobile devices."

The Fonix/Epson embedded speech solution enables users to interact with feature-rich devices such as camera-equipped multimedia mobile phones, with functionality including audio, video, gaming, e-mail, instant messaging and personal management applications. Fonix speech solutions allow users to access functions and applications simply by speaking -- a natural, easy and safe interface.

"Epson is a proven leader in developing semiconductors for multimedia-enabled mobile electronic devices," said Lynn Shepherd, vice president, Fonix Product Development. "These new chips expand market opportunities for mobile phones and other products incorporating Fonix/Epson solutions. With the Fonix/Epson solution, we are collaborating with several multinational OEMs integrating and bundling applications, including mobile communication and consumer electronic device manufacturers, toy makers and automotive integrators. During the next six months, we expect the Fonix/Epson solution to generate technology license fees and unit royalty fees from mass-market devices."

About Epson
The Epson Group increases its corporate value through its innovative and creative culture. Dedicated to providing its customers with digital image innovation, its main product lines comprise information-related equipment such as printers and projectors, electronic devices including displays, semiconductors and quartz devices, and precision products such as watches. Epson products are known throughout the world for their superior quality, functionality, compactness and energy efficiency.

About Fonix
Fonix Corp. provides speech interface solutions for mobile/wireless devices, computer telephony systems, the assistive market, automobiles and everyday consumer devices. Manufacturers and developers incorporate Fonix technology to provide their customers with an easy, convenient, reliable user experience. Visit for an introduction to Fonix's suite of speech solutions, or contact a representative at 801-553-6600 and say "Sales."

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