FioranoMQ 7.1 Outperforms All Other JMS-compliant Messaging Servers

10/30/2003 - Fiorano Software Inc., a leading provider of enterprise- class Business Integration and Enterprise Backbone solutions announced that its latest release, FioranoMQ 7.1 dramatically outperforms all other JMS-compliant messaging servers, including SonicMQ 5.0.2. The FioranoMQ server was faster than SonicMQ in most of the 40 different business messaging test configurations. FioranoMQ 7.1 touched top throughput levels, which were 11 times faster than those of Sonic's latest JMS offering.

Fiorano's JMS Server, FioranoMQ is the fastest server in the market today. Fiorano was the first company to release a commercial JMS product in September 1998, when Sun Microsystems released the JMS standard, and has since maintained its lead over competitors.

FioranoMQ 7.1 achieved overwhelmingly higher message throughputs on both publish/subscribe as well as queuing benchmarks, over light and heavy loads. Read the detailed Performance Comparison Whitepaper at:

"This performance comparison report clearly demonstrates that FioranoMQ 7.1 delivers information faster and more reliably than the competition," said Amit Gupta, VP of Engineering, Fiorano Software. "FioranoMQ 7.1 is the only Java Messaging Server that delivers true High-Availability with Hot-failover, combined with industry-leading throughput, performance, reliability and stability under high-stress conditions," he added.

High Availability (HA) in other JMS servers simply means that messages are stored during failure and made available on restart without guaranteed delivery order. However, FioranoMQ is the first JMS Server to provide a true HA implementation. This ensures that messages exchanged between business applications are not only stored reliably but are always available through a hot failover mechanism despite software, network, or hardware failures. This is critical in applications such as law enforcement, defense, and finance where timeliness of information can mean the difference between success and failure.

"FioranoMQ, also provides the foundation for Fiorano Business Integration Suite that combines the power of a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus with easy-to-use tools for the deployment of distributed workflows across heterogeneous networks." said Atul Saini, CEO & CTO of Fiorano Software.

The Fiorano Business Integration Suite (recently rebranded from "Tifosi Enterprise Integrator") redefines the economics of integration via reusable enterprise services. Unlike complex and expensive alternatives, it enables enterprises to achieve immediate tangible benefits of higher revenue, accelerated productivity, reduced downtime, and lower costs.

Supporting mission critical operations at Global Leaders like Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Volvo, Toyota, British Petroleum, and Schlumberger, Fiorano enables reliable exchange of business critical information across the extended enterprise.

About Fiorano Software Inc.
Based in Silicon Valley, California, Fiorano is a leading provider of standards-based Enterprise class Business Integration and Enterprise Backbone solutions. Fiorano's network-centric solutions set a new paradigm in interoperability, performance, scalability and ROI. Read more about Fiorano's complete Integration Infrastructure stack at:

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