Sportsman's Warehouse Grows with Solaris- and Java-based Sun Systems

10/29/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced that Sportsman's Warehouse, an outdoor equipment retailer which has experienced triple-digit growth in the past five years, has selected "Solaris- and Java-based Sun systems to help it continue to grow in the highly competitive retail field. Sun partnered with Tomax Corporation to deliver a real-time, total view of its store operations in a remarkable 83 business days. An implementation of this variety has been known to take as long as a year.

"As the chain expanded, it became self-evident that we really needed to transform our idea of information management at the store level from the inside out," said Mike Van Orden, CTO of Sportsman's Warehouse, which is based in Salt Lake City. "The Sun and Tomax partnership validated our vision. In 83 business days, we now have a complete enterprise solution live, and are already seeing the fruits of our investments."

" on Sun changes the game for retailers by removing the burden of managing IT from the store," said Bob DeLaney, director of industry solutions at Sun. "Now, every aspect of the business is centrally managed by Sun systems at corporate headquarters by IT professionals, providing a single holistic view to senior management of their retail enterprise in real time, and allowing the store managers and employees to focus on driving revenue and improving customer service."

Tomax has been partnering with Sun for years, noted Eric Olafson, President and CEO of Tomax. Tomax is a leading provider of network deployed solutions for retail operations and multichannel management. Over 100 branded retail chains in a variety of retail markets, representing thousands of stores, rely on Tomax solutions, including Air Terminal Gifts, Ratner Companies salons, Party America, Viking Culinary Arts and LA Weight Loss, who has recently converted from NT-based systems to network computing systems from Sun. This represents continued momentum for Sun's sales efforts in the midmarket space.

Tomax’s Olafson added, "By choosing Sun and Tomax, Sportsman's Warehouse may be able to reduce IT costs by as much as 40% over the next five years." Other customers have experienced remarkable benefits from their Tomax implementations, such as a 10-15% reduction in payroll costs, consolidation of dozens of functions down to a single hosted solution and payback periods measured in weeks.

Sun in Retail
Over the past several years, Sun has been growing steadily in the retail sector, and has become world renowned for its vision and success in this competitive industry. Today, Sun's global reach includes specialty hard and soft goods, discount and mass merchandisers, department stores, food service, supermarkets, convenience stores, chain drug stores, electronic retailing merchants, catalog and home shopping. Fast growing retailers are building their technology foundations leveraging Java System software on Sun Fire servers, and Sun StorEdge arrays. Because of Sun's binary compatibility, Sun's scalability from the smallest to largest servers gives a significant advantage for retailers looking for greater business agility.

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