Dy 4 and VMETRO Deliver Fastest FPDP II Performance for DSP Systems

10/29/2003 - Dy 4 Systems, a division of Force Computers, a Solectron company, and VMETRO, a leading provider of I/O and data recording products for high-performance embedded real-time systems announced a collaborative effort that has resulted in the industry's fastest FPDP II performance on a COTS DSP solution. Dy 4 and VMETRO have integrated and benchmarked Dy 4's CHAMP-AV II Quad PowerPC DSP card and VMETRO's DPIO2 FPDP PMC module. Achieving a sustained throughput in excess of 400MB/sec, the result is another demonstration of the superior bandwidth afforded by the CHAMP-AV II's and DPIO2's advanced architecture. Working together, these cards provide a solution for customers building DSP systems with high-speed data acquisition requirements such as RADAR, SONAR, signal intelligence and image capture.

Dy 4's CHAMP AV II combines the performance of four 500MHz 7410 processors, with its QuadFlow architecture that can support up to 2 GB/s of on-card data transfers. Each processor is provided with a dedicated bank of SDRAM, and two 528 MB/s (peak) connections to the other processor nodes. The VMETRO DPIO2 is a bi-directional, digital-parallel, input/output PMC module capable of sustained performance in excess of 400 MB/s. It supports the FPDP I and II standards and through the use of personality modules it can also support a variety of other connections including LVDS, RS422 and PECL. In addition, specially designed DMA capabilities provide superior support for demanding digital I/O and parallel processing applications.

"This solution provides a running start to those customers desiring to integrate DSP boards with high-speed I/O," said Robert Hoyecki, Product Marketing Manager at Dy 4 Systems. "By integrating, testing and validating a signal processing and I/O subsystem; VMETRO and Dy 4 have overcome one of the biggest hurdles to building a data acquisition subsystem. By removing the risk of encountering software and hardware integration issues, customers are assured of a shortened development time."

"The combined Dy 4 and VMETRO product set provides an ideal solution for a wide range of DSP and data acquisition applications," said Tom Bohman, V.P. Business Development at VMETRO. "The availability of pre-tested and validated solutions greatly benefits our mutual customers."

A benchmarking report detailing the specifics of the test results is available from both Dy 4 Systems and VMETRO. To request the report, please email info@dy4.com or info@vmetro.com

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