Relativity Technologies Develops Application Profiler Module

10/28/2003 - Relativity Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of PC-based software solutions that drive down the cost of maintaining, enhancing, and modernizing mainframe applications, launched the Application Profiler, the newest module added to the Modernization Workbench, the company's foundation product suite.

Application Profiler is a browser-based tool that allows the entire development group, including business analysts, customer support, and QA personnel, to examine detailed reports on mission critical legacy applications, assess the impact of application changes and perform application assessments. Application Profiler eliminates the painstaking task of reviewing the entire mainframe system to conduct an assessment and provides analysis and insight into the application by allowing users to find and view details and reports - without affecting the code itself.

"With tight budgets and constrained resources, IT departments find it difficult to provide the support business professionals might require to understand complex software applications," said Amy Wohl, editor of Wohl Associates. "Yet, improving these applications may rest on expert input based on business process knowledge. Relativity Technologies provides the tools to help non-programmers examine and interact with IT staff with automatically produced documentation and reports to ease the task, increasing productivity and improving results for the entire organization."

With more than 200 billion lines of Cobol code in use today and IT budgets continuing to shrink in most corporations, companies are searching for new ways to maintain and modernize business critical applications, while at the same time increasing productivity of developers and non-technical business users.

Using the Application Profiler, users unfamiliar with low level implementation details of their legacy applications can quickly access documentation, conduct application impact analysis, understand the system.s structure, and gauge the impact of code changes. Non-technical business users will not need specialized training or additional skills to analyze the system level reports that help assess where to apply the resources needed to enhance and renovate their application portfolios.

"Maintenance and enhancement of mission-critical applications can be full of challenges and headaches for developers and can cause nightmares for business, QA and technical support users who are unfamiliar with the structure of an application," said Charles Dickerson, vice president of marketing and product management at Relativity Technologies. "The browser based Application Profiler, which is built into the Modernization Workbench, extends the reach of application specific business critical information beyond developers in an organization and puts it in the hands of business analysts."

The Application Profiler is one of five modules built into the Modernization Workbench, that includes Application Analyzer, Business Rule Manager, Application Architect, and Transformation Assistant.

The Application Profiler consists of the following features:

Pricing and Availability
Application Profiler is available today and is sold for $1500 per concurrent user, with a minimum of 100 users, or $1000 per workstation.

About the Relativity Technologies Modernization Workbench
The Modernization Workbench product suite is the industry.s only software solution that addresses the entire application lifecycle and is a powerful tool suite for developers that complements existing tool sets in use today. The Modernization Workbench includes a number of customizable modules that address the specific needs of customers in the mainframe application market segment. For instance, the Application Analyzer is a robust, repository-based tool used to document legacy applications and perform analytic tasks, the Application Architect, uses sophisticated algorithms to partition code into new components, the Business Rule Manager, provides a variety of ways to navigate complex code to identify, document and classify business rules, and the Transformation Assistant automates the process of transforming applications to new platforms without losing functionality the business depends upon.

About Relativity Technologies, Inc.
Relativity Technologies, Inc. provides the software, services and partnerships that let companies easily maintain, enhance, renovate and modernize business-critical mainframe applications. Its Modernization Workbench suite of solutions reduces overall application development and maintenance costs, streamlining everything from day-to-day tweaks and changes to full-scale modernization, including extending mainframe applications to embrace newer environments like the Internet and Web services. Founded in 1997 and based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., Relativity Technologies was selected as one of Fortune magazine.s 2001 Cool Companies and Computerworld.s Top 100 Emerging Companies for 2002. For more information, please visit

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