Sun Fulfills World Record with Manugistics Retail Application

10/28/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced new record-breaking performance test results achieved during a series of tests, running Manugistics NetWORKS Fulfillment 7.1 on Sun Fire 6800 servers in combination with Sun StorEdge T3 arrays. The Sun and Manugistics performance test calculated a replenishment plan at a rate of more than 30 million stock keeping units (SKUs) per hour (1.28 billion planning elements per hour), almost doubling previous results recorded by competing UNIX[r] vendors. These tests conducted by Sun and Manugistics give customers the opportunity to see the performance characteristics of Manugistics' retail supply chain replenishment application and Sun systems under real-world conditions and to use this information to plan configuration requirements and system sizing. By seeing test results in advance, the risk and uncertainty involved in a deployment is reduced.

These performance tests are designed to determine throughput results for complex retail supply chain management systems. Many of the world's largest retailers use Manugistics for solutions to reduce costs and improve customer service by replenishment planning at the store level. Sun's compatible product line enables predictable and economical replenishment planning for enterprises of all sizes and complexities while allowing for easy system growth. This breakthrough performance achievement is the result of a strong engineering alliance and long-term commitment from Sun and Manugistics.

About the Performance Tests
Sun ran the Manugistics NetWORKS Fulfillment v7.1 test kit to build 42-day replenishment plans with two large retail data models: one model with 10.05 million SKUs, and one model with 20.1 million SKUs.

The tests were run on system configurations including either one or two Sun Fire 6800 servers, eight Sun StorEdge T3 disk arrays, and Solaris 9 platform.

The results of the 20 million SKU tests show that the Manugistics Algorithm scales well for large enterprise implementations on the Sun platform, both in terms of expanded hardware and the increase in database size. Adding the second server to the test configuration resulted in a 1.96x speedup. This nearly linear performance is proof the scalability and efficiency of the SPARC[r] architecture and the Solaris platform. These scalability records were enabled by the Java technology expertise at Manugistics and their intensive engineering collaboration with Sun.

The Sun Fire 6800 server is ideal for large mission-critical enterprise or Internet data center applications. Full hardware redundancy and other advanced mainframe-class availability features, such as hot CPU upgrades and Dynamic Reconfiguration, provide a powerful, highly available solution.

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