Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Reduces PCB Manufacturing Costs

10/27/2003 - Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited (FICT) introduced products based on its next-generation Multi-Via 3 (MV3) technology, which reduces manufacturing costs and makes it easier to design multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

FICT's MV3 PCB technology is designed for PCBs for PCs, servers and media devices, and for networking PCBs used in switches, routers and storage. The technology combines sequential lamination and a build-up structure. Sequential lamination is a manufacturing method in which base materials with pre-formed wiring patterns are stacked together and united into a single piece. The inter-layer connections are made by using mechanically drilled-through holes.

The sequential lamination method results in high-performance, high-density PCBs for mounting high-pin-count packages with up to 2,500 pins. The build-up structure allows high-density PCBs to mount narrower I/O pitch packages of 0.8mm. The combination of the sequential lamination method and the build-up structure enables smaller footprints and/or lower manufacturing costs.

The MV3 technology has a small stacked-and-buried via structure to make the wiring design highly flexible and routable. The via structure improves mounting and wiring density because devices can be mounted directly on the vias, and higher mounting densities can be achieved. The increased routability based on the stacked-and-buried via structure and the reduced diameter of via pads allow the number of signal layers to be reduced to approximately two-thirds the number currently required in a standard board.

"These via features are integrated into the manufacturing processes to meet the growing requirements to reduce turn-around time and production costs," said Oostur Raza, vice president of U.S. operations of Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited. "Future technology improvements are expected to deliver further footprint and layer reductions. We invite key OEM partners to jointly conduct studies for their next-generation products using the planned Multi-Via 5 (MV5) technology," Raza continued.

Availability and Pricing
The PCB manufacturing services utilizing the new MV3 technology are available now. Pricing is available following a design review for cost reduction. For more information or quote or to submit a design for review, please send an e-mail to

About Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited
Fujitsu Interconnect Technologies Limited (FICT), a technology leader in PCB design and manufacturing innovation, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited of Japan. FICT's U.S. operations, located in the Silicon Valley, provide innovative design and manufacturing solutions for package substrates and printed circuit boards to meet the needs of its global customer base. FICT's solutions enable its customers to migrate to newer, complex designs, while reducing manufacturing time and total cost.

FICT offers manufacturing services for market segments including computing PCBs such as PCs, servers and media devices; networking PCBs such as switches, routers and storage; module PCBs such as miniature camera applications; consumer PCBs such as cell phones, PDAs, video games; and industrial PCBs such as automotive, medical. FICT also offers design, design review, design enhancement, layer reduction, testing and evaluation services for PCBs from four to 54 layers.

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