Kontron Modular Computers Introduces Wall Mounted CP-Pocket

10/24/2003 - Kontron Modular Computers (formerly PEP Modular Computers) is proud to announce the availability of its wall mounted CP-Pocket. The CP-Pocket is a new Box-PC that includes a 566 MHz Intel® Pentium® III processor, 128 MBytes of RAM and three CompactPCI sockets. The unit is ideal for use in machine control applications and in compact servers. The standard version is priced at under 1000.00 EUR.

Unlike other Box-PC systems that are enhanced using ISA- or PCI-based expansion modules, the CP-Pocket is expanded using CompactPCI modules that are easily interchanged by removing individual expansion modules via the system's front side. Thus, the exchanging of modules is achieved without the need to remove the entire enclosure. This simplifies system maintenance and configuration. The CP-Pocket's three expansion slots provide sufficient flexibility for application specific enhancement of the system. Kontron provides matching I/O boards for all popular interfaces. These expansion boards are competitively priced in relation to standard ISA and PCI boards and are very simple to install.

Up until now, CompactPCI boards and systems have been used mostly in high-end applications. However, the CP-Pocket offers a high degree of sophistication and investment security that are of particular interest to classic industrial automation applications. This is due to the fact that the entire CPU module and the I/O configuration can be simply exchanged to meet any current or future requirements. Kontron also can supplement the two Ethernet channels found on the processor board by further integrating an Ethernet switch. Thus, the CP-Pocket is optimally equipped for industrial Ethernet communication. Matching the system to an application is simply a matter of using the appropriate modules. The same housing can be further used in new applications as required. Purchasing a CP-Pocket is also an investment in the future life cycle of an application.

The CP-Pocket's dimensions are 167x155x210 mm (height x width x depth) i.e. 28HP / 3U and the standard version includes a 566 MHz Intel® Celeron® processor and a 128 kByte of L2 cache. The synchronous 133 MHz DRAM memory (max. 512 MBytes) is attached via a SODIMM socket. The numerous communications options make the CompactPCI computer ideal for use in machine control applications and in compact servers. The integrated CPU board provides 2 USB sockets, 2 COM interfaces, a VGA-CRT and a DVI connector as well as two Ethernet channels, all of which are mounted on the front panel.

The actively cooled system can be operated in ambient temperatures from 0 to 50 C, and it can optionally include a 2.5" HDD or a CompactFlash module for mass storage. The board includes an E2PROM and over 2 MBytes of Flash memory for the storage of BIOS settings and VxWorks boot parameters. Kontron also can provide an extended BIOS to facilitate both Ethernet booting and a pre-boot agent.

The CP-Pocket is currently priced at only 999 Euro. This includes a 566 MHz CP304 CPU board and 128 MBytes of RAM as well as a 75 watt power supply ( AC or DC mains voltage ). The CP-Pocket will be available October 2003.

About Kontron
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