Metrowerks Supports Motorola Secure Communications Processors

10/23/2003 - Metrowerks will continue its commitment to providing world-class development solutions for Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) processors containing PowerPC® cores with the upcoming launches of two Metrowerks CodeWarriorTM tool suite products for networking and communications markets.

CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition, Version 1.1 is scheduled to launch in early 2004. This product, together with the planned introduction next month of the Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerPC ISA Edition for Communications Processors, Version 8.1, provides full support for the entire line of security-enhanced Motorola family of PowerQUICC processors, which includes the new MPC8555 PowerQUICC III processor with integrated security. These CodeWarrior studios also support Motorola’s flagship MPC8560 and MPC8540 PowerQUICC III products.

Metrowerks development solutions for Motorola’s family of PowerQUICC processors accelerate and simplify the creation of high quality network communications products such as wireless infrastructure, voice gateway technologies, IP Virtual Private Networks and optical networking equipment.

The Metrowerks solutions offer a common development environment for platform creation, application development, driver support, and hardware/OS bring-up tasks for the Motorola line of PowerQUICC processors. They include low-cost reference boards, channel-ready evaluation boards, the PowerTAP PRO ICE board bring-up tool, and the CodeWarriorTM Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

“Market demand for secure networks is rising as more consumer and enterprise customers adopt broadband communications devices,” said Calvin Harrison, marketing director for NetComm, Metrowerks. “We are keeping our commitment of providing integrated support for developers leveraging the high-performance, scalable family of PowerQUICC platform architectures, and we look forward to providing a compete embedded development tool suite to create more secure networking communications systems tailored to the needs of Motorola’s customers.”

“We are very pleased that Metrowerks is now supporting the entire line of Motorola PowerQUICC secure communications processors, from the MPC885 PowerQUICCTM I family to the MPC8272 PowerQUICC IITM family to the new MPC8555 PowerQUICC III processor,” said Mike Shoemake, PowerQUICC marketing manager at Motorola. “Metrowerks development solutions for PowerQUICC processors with integrated security will enable our customers to accelerate time to market and simplify the design process for their secure communications equipment applications.”

Metrowerks support for security-enabled PowerQUICC I and PowerQUICC II processor families is expected to be available upon release of CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerPC ISA Edition for Communications Processors, Version 8.1, scheduled for November, 2003. Planned for release in early 2004, the CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition, Version 1.1 will support Motorola’s MPC8555, MPC8560 and MPC8540 PowerQUICC III processors.

About Metrowerks
Metrowerks Corporation creates CodeWarrior software and hardware products and services for developers, with a particular focus on the following industries: consumer electronics; transportation; wireless; and networking and communications. The CodeWarrior product line includes hardware and software development tools and middleware that enable customers to decrease their time to market. The company also offers services, including training and custom software development. Founded in 1985, Metrowerks is today an independently operating subsidiary of Motorola, Inc. Metrowerks corporate headquarters are in Austin, Texas; Metrowerks Europe is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland; and Metrowerks Japan is headquartered in Tokyo. More information is available from

About Motorola, Inc.
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) is a global leader in providing integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions. Sales in 2002 were $27.3 billion. Motorola is a global corporate citizen dedicated to ethical business practices and pioneering important technologies that make things smarter and life better for people, honored traditions that began when the company was founded 75 years ago this year. For more information, please visit:

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