Sun, ISVs Leverage Model Driven Architecture into Solutions

10/23/2003 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced it is teaming with industry leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide model driven architecture (MDA) based solutions for customers across multiple industries. Sun's partners will be exhibiting in the Sun Global Partner pavilion at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2003, October 21- 23 in Orlando, FL. In addition, a Sun Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of Sun Software Services, John Crupi, will speak about recent developments in Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Patterns at the conference on Thursday, Oct. 23.

The model-driven architecture, or MDA, represents an advanced approach to software design and development. Developers use models created using languages such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to capture details of their business objects and processes. MDA-based systems can then translate these designs into code, improving the productivity, quality, and longevity of applications. By capturing business logic and business processes at a higher level of abstraction, MDA also helps to protect organizations' software investments by creating re-usable models. Further, MDA simplifies the implementation of Web services by shielding the application architecture from changes in the deployment infrastructure. Using MDA, businesses can easily evolve and grow without massive rewrites to existing production environments as standards and platform capabilities change and mature.

Today's IT managers face unprecedented complexity and high development costs, said John Crupi, Distinguished Engineer, Software Services, Sun Microsystems. Creation and delivery of a network infrastructure solution incurs tremendous costs and requires sophisticated expertise. To ease the challenge of reuse through model driven architectures, Sun is working closely with its partners to create solutions that reduce cost and complexity while helping businesses realize the advantages of the real-time enterprise. John Crupi is a Sun Distinguished Engineer and manages the Pattern and Design Capture Expertise Center at Sun Software Services. John is co-author of Core J2EE Patterns and has over 17 years of experience in distributed object computing.

Sun will highlight nine vendor solutions at the conference, including, Certive, Clickmarks, Inc., iSpheres, Kabira Technologies, Inc., M7 Networks, MAKE Technologies, ProactiveNet, Relicore, Inc., and Transoft Inc.

"Model driven development is the native language for Kabira solutions on the Sun platform", said Grover Righter, vice president of marketing for Kabira Technologies. "Architects can use models to design and then compile high-speed, real time enterprise applications that combine upper layers from the Java Enterprise System with Kabira's ultra fast lower layer software. The resulting solutions enable customers to use best-in-class solutions from Sun and connect them directly to global networks for high-volume business transactions."

"The M7 Application Assembly Suite uses a model-driven persistence engine that makes it easy to access data from any SQL database without requiring any custom coding," said Mansour Safai, CEO of M7. "By using a model-driven architecture, M7 saves our customers time and money in developing custom web applications."

"Model driven development is a key benefit of iSpheres Halo 4," said David Dawson, vice president of Marketing for iSpheres Corporation. "Corporate developers can use models built by Halo 4's prototyping tools to map their high-level analysis models to Halo's Event Server platform. Developers can then rapidly deploy these applications to Sun solutions."

Model Driven Development forms the core of our solution, said Adnan Lawai, director of Technical Sales at Clickmarks. Using the Clickmarks solution, developers can capture business logic from existing systems by modeling the behavior of users interacting with a system as a state machine. This dramatically reduces the time and cost of performing application integration - and enhances the ROI. The resulting application, which integrates with components of the Sun Java Enterprise System, enables users to have access to the most relevant functionality, in the most relevant format - a portlet, web service, or stand-alone web or mobile application.

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