Intrinsyc Helps Create Wireless Devices with µPhone Telephony Software

10/23/2003 - Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX:ICS), a global leader in creating, networking and managing specialized, intelligent devices - and Windows Embedded Partner Gold-level member - announced the availability of its new µPhone (MicroPhone) Telephony Software. µPhone is a unique suite of telephony drivers and applications that can be embedded in wireless devices based on Windows CE .NET and Windows Mobile software for Pocket PC. µPhone allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create devices with custom telephony functions and provide integrated voice and data capabilities with superior usability. These benefits allow OEMs to create a differentiated product offering, while dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with bringing new devices to market.

A Fully Customizable Telephony Suite
µPhone tightly integrates a device's voice/data wireless modem capabilities with the core OS functionality of Windows CE .NET or Windows Mobile. µPhone provides powerful options to customize the user interface, embed unique value-added applications, and support an extensive list of wireless modems, while maintaining a small footprint. Some of the key features of µPhone include:

"With all the benefits of a proven operating system for smart, connected, small-footprint devices, Windows CE .NET provides a rich foundation of capabilities to enable integrated voice and data solutions," said Scott Horn, Director, Embedded Devices Group at Microsoft Corp. "µPhone brings added flexibility and rich telephony features to device manufacturers building products based on our operating systems. It's an excellent way for manufacturers or wireless carriers to help differentiate a device's functionality and user interface."

"µPhone creates new opportunities for OEMs to deliver innovative handheld applications that clearly help set their devices apart from others in the market", said Derek Spratt, Intrinsyc's President and Chief Executive Officer. "By providing innovative embedded software applications and services, Intrinsyc enables device OEMs to create highly differentiated, feature-rich products with significantly reduced investments in time and money".

To find out more about µPhone, visit: Further information on µPhone can also be found at Microsoft's Windows Embedded Marketplace web site at:

Intrinsyc's Suite of Handheld Software Tools
In addition to µPhone, Intrinsyc offers a suite of handheld software tools for use with Windows Mobile based Pocket PC's and Smartphones. These include Intrinsyc's i-RIL and i-MUX products.

i-RIL (Intrinsyc Radio Interface Layer) provides the underlying technology that is critical for enabling wireless voice or data applications using Windows Mobile software to seamlessly communicate with a GSM/GPRS or CDMA2000 modem. It comes pre-configured off-the-shelf to interface to a wide variety of wireless modems.

i-MUX (Intrinsyc Multiplexor) is essential to enabling multiple and simultaneous streams of data between a device's applications and its wireless modem. Using the i-MUX, modem and mobile device manufacturers can create wireless devices and applications that perform multiple functions simultaneously, including obtaining modem status information such as signal strength, performing web browsing, sending and receiving text messages and placing voice calls.

To find out more about i-RIL and i-MUX visit:

About Intrinsyc
Intrinsyc provides unique software and hardware solutions that enable companies to cost-effectively create, network and manage a wide range of consumer and industrial specialized, intelligent devices. By leveraging Intrinsyc's products, engineering design services and systems integration expertise, customers make better decisions, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market. Intrinsyc is a rapidly expanding, public company with global customers such as Microsoft, Intel, Philips, Siemens, IBM General Electric, Ford, and BEA Systems. To find out more about Intrinsyc, visit

Intrinsyc is a registered trademark of Intrinsyc Software, Inc.

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