LSI Rolls Out ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP for RapidChip Design

10/23/2003 - LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) introduced ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare® (intellectual property) IP as part of the company's IP library. The ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP integrates multiple CoreWare modules to create a complete system, thereby reducing design time, complexity and risk for LSI Logic RapidChipTM Platform ASIC and cell-based ASIC customers. In addition to targeting the communications, consumer and storage markets, this offering also provides IP for designers in markets such as security, consumer electronics, industrial, instrumentation and imaging with the ability to get their products manufactured quickly and at low cost.

The ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP is available for use with the RapidChip Integrator, RapidChip Foundation, and RapidChip Xtreme slices and provides a seamless migration path to standard cell ASICs. LSI Logic is already engaged with multiple customers who are using ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP in RapidChip-based designs.

"Using the ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP in RapidChip has allowed us to focus our efforts on portions of the SoC where we add the most value for our applications." said David E. Gross, president and CEO of Cryptek, Inc. "This approach has significantly reduced our overall design and validation effort to maintain an aggressive time-to-market schedule."

"System CoreWare solutions provide a much higher level of IP integration for RapidChip customers," said Rafi Kedem, senior director, CoreWare Technology Group at LSI Logic. "System CoreWare IP can cut SoC development time by as much as 50 percent by leveraging pre-defined, pre-verified systems and enabling customers to focus their engineering effort on adding value to their particular end applications."

The ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP consists of proven CoreWare IP functions such as the ARM926EJ-S core, Ethernet Controller, Vectored Interrupt Controller, UARTs, GPIOs, IIC, and an external bus interface unit. Expansion AMBATM AHB ports allow customers to easily integrate their own logic or additional cores from LSI Logic's extensive CoreWare library. For example, the multi-ported DDR SDRAM memory controller can be used seamlessly in conjunction with the ARM926 System CoreWare IP. In addition, this System CoreWare IP provides a fully integrated proven CPU subsystem capable of running popular operating systems like Linux or VXWorks.

To significantly reduce software development time, LynuxWorksTM Inc. provides BlueCat® Linux® OS and software driver support for the ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP. Additionally, Virtio Corp. provides a Virtual Platform for fast full-function software emulation of the ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare IP. Customers can extend this Virtual Platform with their own logic and use it to develop their application software even before their SOC silicon becomes available.

LSI Logic's extensive library of CoreWare IP offers proven, easy to integrate, performance-leading cores and system solutions, including GigaBlaze® and HyperPHYTM high-speed standards-compliant SerDes, ARM and MIPS processors and associated systems, licensable ZSP® DSP cores, processor peripherals and AMBA on-chip-bus structures, USB cores, Memory PHYs and Controllers, Ethernet MAC and PHY cores, PCI Express, XGXS, SPI4.2 and other protocol layer IP.

About RapidChip
The RapidChip semiconductor platform combines the high-density, high-performance benefits of cell-based ASICs with the fast time-to-market and customization benefits of FPGAs, and the proven IP benefits of ASSPs. Targeting the Communications, Consumer, Storage and other markets, RapidChip uses LSI Logic's high-performance field-tested CoreWare IP, customizable logic, embedded memory, and innovative design concepts to significantly reduce design and manufacturing risk and costs. RapidChip also provides a fast and seamless migration path to full standard-cell ASICódriving unit costs even lower.

Unique to RapidChip is the customer-friendly interface that dramatically simplifies the underlying complexity of the design tools and flows associated with SoC design. Rule sets automatically manage architectural design, verification, and physical design. As a result, design schedules for high-performance chips are very predictable. Information on RapidChip technology is available through LSI Logic's direct sales channels and worldwide distribution partners.

About LSI Logic Corporation
LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading designer and manufacturer of communications, consumer and storage semiconductors for applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video. In addition, the company supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise. LSI Logic is headquartered at 1621 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA 95035,

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