Revivio Unveils TimeFrame Data Protection System for Enterprises

10/21/2003 - Revivio, Inc., the emerging leader in continuous data protection technology, announced its TimeFrameTM Data Protection System, the world’s first continuous data protection appliance for enterprise customers.

Revivio is a pioneer in the new Time Addressable Storage or TAS sector of data protection technology. By offering continuous protection and instant access to enterprise data as it existed at any previous point in time, this new technology eliminates the risk, cost, and complexity associated with traditional single-point-in-time data protection methods such as tape backup or frozen mirror-splits, and dramatically reduces recovery time for business applications affected by data loss or data corruption.

“With the availability of the TimeFrame system, data center managers can now protect their data without the expense and risk long associated with traditional single-point-in-time approaches,” said Paul R. Lewis, Revivio’s CEO and president. “The old methods force enterprises to store multiple frozen copies of data at considerable expense, with the length of business outages still measured in hours or days. Time Addressable Storage offers the first real breakthrough in enterprise data protection in decades.”

“Revivio's concept appealed to us the moment we learned of it,” stated Joseph Esposito, senior vice president and director of Clearing Technology for Jefferies & Company – a large New York-based financial services firm. “We immediately recognized the benefit of being able to restore our system to any prior moment in time, with no data loss. We are currently evaluating the TimeFrame appliance, and believe this approach holds great promise.”

In the event of data loss or destruction, Revivio customers can immediately resume operations by accessing full data sets as they existed a split second prior to the failure. Under the old methods, they would be forced to retreat to a previously stored, frozen image – perhaps backed up to tape the night before, stored as a snap-shot, or split off as a continuance volume – resulting in lost data, lost business transactions, and extended recovery time.

Additionally, while older technologies require extensive use of storage media – either disk or tape – for storing frozen point in time images, Revivio’s ground-breaking technology time-stamps and stores only the smallest modified elements – reducing storage requirements by up to 70% or more.

“Recovery is the single biggest problem IT managers face,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at The Enterprise Storage Group, Inc. “It's been the biggest problem for years, and just keeps getting worse. This is the kind of technology that has a real chance to change the world.”

Introducing the TimeFrame Data Protection System
Traditional point-in-time data protection solutions, such as disk-to-tape and disk-to-disk backup require restoring to preplanned backup times, resulting in lengthy recovery times and lost data. In contrast, the TimeFrame system provides continuous protection up to the instant before the data loss event. The TimeFrame system is a fully fault tolerant, easy-to-operate, enterprise-class solution that enables companies to instantly access data as it existed at any point in time - a day, a week, or even a second ago.

The TimeFrame system is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing storage environments of large enterprises, without requiring disruption or replacement of existing systems. The TimeFrame system supports a variety of open-systems server platforms without interfering with the primary data path. It does not require installation of new agents, drivers or other host-based software. The management of the system itself is accomplished via web-based graphical user interface, industry-standard SMI-S interface, or a command line interface (CLI) with published APIs.

The TimeFrame system is scaleable and configurable to meet customer needs for connectivity, availability, and performance. Orders are being accepted now.

To ensure initial customer satisfaction, TimeFrame systems will be available on a limited basis to select customers in North America through early 2004, with general availability planned for Q2 2004. To speed market adoption of this groundbreaking technology, Revivio has created a unique introductory program. Under this limited time program, early adopters will receive a comprehensive set of services and products to enable rapid integration of TimeFrame into their IT infrastructure. Pricing for the program begins at $49,999, while high performance production configurations can scale in price to several hundred thousand dollars. The system is initially targeted at data intensive applications with low tolerance for downtime such as those found in financial services, transportation, and online transaction processing systems.

Revivio will introduce the TimeFrame Data Protection System to the public through a live web cast scheduled for 2 p.m. on November 6th. To register, visit The company is also attending next week's Storage Networking World Fall 2003 in Orlando. In addition to exhibiting in booth PP23, the company is scheduling private demonstrations at the conference. Because the number of demonstration sessions is limited, interested parties are encouraged to contact Revivio at prior to the conference to reserve a slot.

About Revivio
Revivio, Inc. is the emerging leader in the new field of Time Addressable Storage (TAS). Through its unique technology, Revivio is fundamentally changing the way businesses protect their vital information and respond to data loss, data corruption, or disaster. By allowing enterprises to restore data instantly to any previous point in time, Revivio’s TAS system allows customers to minimize business risk, reduce costs, and improve business continuity.

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