CAPS Entreprise Speeds up Intel Itanium with XemSys Library Generator

10/21/2003 - CAPS entreprise uses its XemSys Library Generator (XLG) to free the complete power of processor architectures, such as Intel® Itanium®2 and PowerPCTMG4 AltivecTM.

XemSys Library Generator produces a library of code kernels, adapted to the potential of the targeted processor. Based on an in-depth study of the processor behavior, XLG allows the selection of the most performing kernel in the context of the execution of an application.

The increasing power and complexity of modern processors make the usage of automatic tools for the prediction and mastery of performance indispensable. CAPS entreprise has put forward a patented technology around XLG which generates different versions of code kernels, using at best the specialized instructions, hardware characteristics (miss grouping, prefetch...) and modern optimization techniques (loop unrolling, software pipelining, instruction scheduling...)

The XemSys Library Generator has allowed Bull to drastically speed up the data memory transfer on the new NovaScale multi-processor architecture based on Intel® Itanium®2. The transfer function generated by XLG, which is extensively used in MPI libraries, outmatches the performance of the Intel® ecc compiler.

The same technology is applicable for the optimization of systems based on PowerPCTM.

About CAPS entreprise
Founded in Rennes, France in 2002, CAPS entreprise develops compilation solutions (XemSys) and offers its services of code generation (Compilation, optimizationÖ) to embedded system developers and High performance computing institutions and companies. CAPS enterprise has been the winner of the national contest for innovative entreprise creation in 2002 and 2003.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact:
Laurent BERTAUX Email :
CAPS entreprise Phone : +33 (0) 299 278 856
Immeuble Gallium Fax:+33 (0) 223 201 643
80 avenue des Buttes de CoŽsmes
35700 Rennes France

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