Flexiworld Empowers Mobile Users with Stonestreet Bluetooth Software

10/20/2003 - Flexiworld Technologies, a pioneer in pervasive wireless technologies, announced that it has selected Stonestreet One’s Bluetooth software, Bluetopia® and BTExplorerTM, for its FlexiCoreTM technology and FlexiJetTM product.

FlexiCoreTM and FlexiJetTM technologies and product enable mobile users to print, transfer, and display wireless data seamlessly from their cellular telephones, PDAs, digital cameras and laptop computers to any printer, monitor or projector without time-consuming set-up, configuration, or device-dependent driver installation. Bluetopia Bluetooth protocol stack and BTExplorer Bluetooth user interface will add comprehensive Bluetooth technology support to Flexiworld’s revolutionary technologies and products.

Flexiworld Technologies has 29 published international patent applications in pervasive wireless data output, and was voted the best early stage company in the Pacific Northwest by the Early Stage Investment Forum. Stonestreet One has extensive experience engineering Bluetooth technology into a whole range of consumer devices and industrial applications, and Bluetopia was among the first fifty products to be qualified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

“This is a critical design win for Stonestreet One because we anticipate that Flexiworld’s technology will be used in high volume across a variety of consumer electronic devices,” said Tim Reilly, founder and chief technology officer of Stonestreet One. “Flexiworld’s revolutionary products add significant value and unique functionality to multiple wireless devices. Flexiworld’s pervasive wireless software solutions are leaders in the market. In addition, the company’s patent pending wireless Plug N PrintTM technology uniquely enables wireless output to any printer on the go. We believe Flexiworld will bring to the market of tomorrow even more innovative wireless products.”

“We’ve done an extensive evaluation of Bluetooth protocol stacks, and we chose Bluetopia and BTExplorer for its attractive stability, functionality, and ease of use,” said William Chang, founder and chief technology officer of Flexiworld Technologies. “In addition to the features and performance of the stack, Stonestreet One is providing outstanding technical support. We are confident that our solution will provide competitive value to our customers.”

About Stonestreet One
Stonestreet One, based in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. designs, develops, and integrates short-range wireless solutions and has been developing custom Bluetooth solutions for a diverse group of customers since 1999. Stonestreet One’s designs and software are enabling and enhancing wireless devices in industries such as mobile communications, biomedical, material handling, consumer products, aerospace and automotive. Stonestreet One is a Bluetooth design partner for a number of leading semiconductor, electronic component manufacturers and distributors. For more information about Stonestreet One, please visit http://www.stonestreetone.com.

About Flexiworld Technologies
Flexiworld Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Portland Oregon, U.S.A., is a pioneer of pervasive wireless technologies. The company develops wireless applications for mobile, desktop, embedded, and output devices. Its unique FlexiCoreTM technology and IP enable mobile devices to conveniently output photos, documents, or web pages to any printer, monitor or projector without time consuming set-up, configuration, or device dependent driver installation. FlexiCoreTM is available in all major desktop and embedded platforms, and supports any wireless communication protocol including Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11) and IRDA. Flexiworld has over 29 published patent applications in pervasive wireless data transfer, synchronization and output. For more information about Flexiworld Technologies please visit http://www.flexiworld.com

Bluetopia is a registered trademark of Stonestreet One, Inc. FlexiCore and FlexiJet is a registered trademark of Flexiworld technologies Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. USA.

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