American Reliance Unveils Programmable DC Power Supply with Ethernet

10/20/2003 - American Reliance, Inc. (ARI), a leader in affordable, high performance test equipment, introduced their ePower series of programmable DC power supplies that incorporate Ethernet/Fast Ethernet connectivity for high-speed, low-cost integration and unsurpassed scalability and control. The new power supply series does not require a computer to communicate with any PAN, LAN or WAN, WiFi or Internet network making them ideal for remote power applications, automated test equipment, high-voltage simulations, life-tests and other applications where engineers need to instantly monitor and control the units from remote locations.

The ePower series is a state-of-the-art linear or switch-mode power supply that is fully self-contained and tightly regulated. It incorporates a 10/100 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet interface that allows remote control from anywhere on a network, be it a LAN, WAN or even over the Internet. Using readily available hubs, routers, switches and gateways, these power supplies offer an affordable yet flexible method for faster implementation, growth oriented scalability and ease-of-use management to control systems whether they be in a lab or across the world.

AMREL ePower series has over 60 models available in a wide variety of power and voltages ranges. The bench or rack-mountable, single output ePower units come in power levels of 20W to 1200W for linear and 1.2KW to 3.2KW for switch-mode. The Dual output linear supplies are available in 40W to 800W version. Programmable output voltages range from 5 to 350 volts for linear and 8 to 600 volts for switch-mode. The units are current limited and short-circuit protected, as well as over voltage (OVP) and over temperature (OTP) protected.

The power supplies support IEEE 488.2 SCPI commands making them fully compliant with National Instrumentsí LabVIEW? and similar platforms, as well as providing C++, Visual Basic, VISA and SICL library support. Integration is further eased with ARIís optional ePower e-Tool diagnostic software support package that allows engineers to monitor, diagnose, control, and maintain any Ethernet instrument, either on the network or in a closed loop. The software is interfaced with LabVIEW and many C/C++ test applications, making it a powerful debugging tool.

Availability and Warranty
The ePower series redefines a power supply. Engineers and managers will appreciate the affordability, flexibility, scalability, fast implementation, ease-of-manageability, and cost savings these Ethernet-based solutions offer over traditional GPIB systems. Deliveries are from stock to 4 weeks ARO. All supplies come with a three-year warranty. Full specifications are available at Joe Engler, President of S.Y.I.P. has published a white paper on the advantages and disadvantages of different bus interfaces which is also available for downloading at ARIís website.

About American Reliance
As a division of AMREL Corporation, American Reliance, Inc. (ARI) is responsible for the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality and cost effective programmable power supplies and electronic loads for industrial and military ATE markets. ARI accommodates individual customer needs by offering one of the world's widest selections of programmable power products on the market today, as well as by providing custom designs and modifications. ARI continues to sell products to customers in more than 20 countries worldwide and maintains a client list consisting primarily of Fortune 1000 Corporations.

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