Sun Rolls Out Products to Accelerate Time-to-market for Mobile Java

10/20/2003 - Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW), the creator and leading advocate for Java technology, announced the availability of the Sun Content Delivery Server, Java Device Test Suite and the Java Mobility Advantage Program to help mobile operators accelerate time-to-market and time-to-money for new consumer and enterprise mobile content. With the availability of these products and this program, Sun now offers a complete, end-to-end, open standards-based mobile content delivery solution. Unlike other solutions currently on the market, Sun's complete offering allows operators to easily build and manage their own mobile content delivery business. The modular components of the program also allow operators to customize their mobile content delivery platforms to meet their business requirements.

"Sun is addressing the market's need for a comprehensive set of products and programs that will help mobile operators, regardless of network platforms, manage the entire mobile content ecosystem efficiently and profitably," said Juan Dewar, senior director, Consumer and Mobile Systems Group of Sun. "Operators who take a proactive approach to building and nurturing a strong ecosystem of developers, content providers and device manufacturers will accelerate ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) growth, increase ROI and customer loyalty; without having to give up control of their data services business model or compromise their long-term business plans."

"The introduction of Sun's Java Mobility Advantage Program and new products today, help further solidify Sun as a leading technology provider to the mobile market," said Scott Ellison, program director, Wireless and Mobile Communications of IDC. "Given that Java is supported by all major mobile device vendors and operators, and is the most common cross-platform mobile device application environment, Sun's is positioned to play a central role in the rapid evolution of wireless data services," Ellison added.

"This end-to-end, open standards-based solution from Sun will accelerate the rollout of Java technology-based mobile services by enabling software developers and operators to more easily deliver new and exciting wireless applications," said Rick Kornfeld, vice president and general manager of Texas Instruments’ wireless chipset business. "These programs and products will speed the growth of the wireless data market and thus increase momentum for the deployment of exciting new 2.5G and 3G handsets, as well as the TI wireless technology powering them."

Sun Content Delivery Server - Ability to Speed Mobile Content Monetization
The new Sun Content Delivery Server is a high performance server that enables operators to manage the complexity of securely delivering mobile applications over-the-air (OTA) to subscribers. The Server allows operators and service providers to more efficiently manage, market, deliver, bill for, and monetize a continuous flow of mobile content including wireless Java, polyphonic ring tones, pictures, audio, video and multimedia applications. Built on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE Platform) architecture, the system provides flexibility to customize marketing campaigns and manage complex billing scenarios, while streamlining the content submission and verification process from developers, content aggregators, or other third party content creators.

Java Device Test Suite - Comprehensive Testing Enables Superior Product Quality
The new Java Device Test Suite consists of a robust test system of more than 4,000 quality test cases designed to verify, validate and evaluate Java technology-enabled devices. Operators and OEMs can now enhance their reputation for quality and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with this low-cost solution. All tests were designed to thoroughly verify, validate and evaluate the quality, performance and security of Java CLDC/MIDP implementations on mobile devices. The Java Device Test Suite encompasses Sun's experience in quality testing expertise for the telco, wireless and embedded device spaces.

Java Mobility Advantage Program - Streamlining the Mobile Content Value Chain
Sun's new Java Mobility Advantage Program helps operators and developers create, manage, and monetize mobile Java applications and services. The Java Mobility Advantage Program is designed to streamline the mobile content supply chain for operators and developers by satisfying requirements for developer program resources and management, content sourcing, application testing and certification, content management and delivery, and wireless service promotion. The Program also helps operators to manage and strengthen their important relationships with the community of developers, content providers, and device manufacturers they rely on for their business success. For maximum flexibility and choice, wireless operators can choose to utilize components of the Program in whole or in part to address their specific wireless business requirements. The core elements of this program include:

"J2ME technology has become a key platform for mobile application development," said Alex Galvagni, CTO of leading mobile entertainment publisher and studio, Sorrent. "I cannot overstate the importance of Java to our business. We are really excited about Sun's new end-to-end solution to help drive revenue growth and simplify mobile data services deployment, this is exactly what we've been waiting for to speed time-to-market and expand new marketing channels for our Java games."

With theses new products and programs from Sun, mobile operators will be able to meet consumer demand for a continuous stream of new and exciting Java applications, and arm developers with industry leading tools and resources to speed application development and testing, as well as leverage the power of the Java brand to promote the latest Java applications and services.

For more information regarding the Sun Content Delivery Server, Java Device Test Suite, and the Java Mobility Advantage Program, please visit:

To learn more about Sun in the Telecommunications Industry or to view a live demonstration of these new products and programs, or to request a one-on-one interview with a Sun executive, visit Sun at ITU Geneva in the Telecom Village, booth #6400.

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