Fujitsu Increases Capacity, Flexibility with ETERNUS6000 Storage Systems

10/17/2003 - Fujitsu Vietnam Limited (FVL) announced enterprise class ETERNUS6000 storage systems in four new models; model 400, model 600, model 800, and model 1000. These systems deliver the industries highest performance in and up to 148.9TB of storage capacity. In addition to this world best achievement, they enable data from a wide variety of servers (from Mainframes to UNIX/IA servers) to be concentrated and managed in a highly cost effective and secure centralized manner.

These ETERNUS6000 storage systems are available from October 27, 2003.

Enterprise IT systems are facing the task of organically concentrating information, which has been scattered across departments, for use in leveraging marketing advantage. In such IT systems, both the variety of information exchanged and the volumes of data stored are rapidly expanding. Storage systems that support such information assets now need to provide ever higher levels of scalability and performance. They must ensure that unexpected transaction volumes or data increases be safely and efficiently handled. With electronic data becoming the most important asset within the enterprise, such tasks can no longer be managed in an unstructured or uncoordinated manner.

ETERNUS6000 meets these demanding requirements through its high functionality, including:

ETERNUS6000 storage systems are also intimately combined with “Softek” storage management software products, to further enhance usage and management efficiency, while keeping operating costs to a minimum.

To provide the best in customer solutions, Fujitsu is positioning its ETERNUS products as core storage systems for all classes of enterprise information systems. Their continued enhancement, in pursuit of world’s highest performance, is founded on the twin design policies of “Total business continuity” and ongoing “Enhancement of data management efficiency.”

Further information about ETERNUS6000 and other ETERNUS products can be found at the Fujitsu storage web site at:

You can also contact their Sales Department:
In Hanoi: Tel 04.831 3895 / Fax 04.831 3898
In HCMC: Tel 08.823 6300 / Fax 08.823 6303

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