Spike Technologies Supports Magma's Blast Create

10/17/2003 - Magma® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design solutions, announced that Spike Technologies has joined its MagmaTies partner program. Through this program Spike Technologies gains access to Magma's software, methodologies and training and can serve as a qualified design resource to Magma customers. Spike will support Magma's Blast CreateTM synthesis and physical design solution. With the addition of Spike Technologies to its partner program, Magma ensures the availability of expert design services to complement its complete RTL-to-GDSII integrated circuit (IC) implementation flow.

"We have had a number of potential customers inquire about our experience with Magma's design software, and in particular Blast Create," said Nikhil Modi, president of Spike Technologies. "What we've found is that for turnkey designs of 5 to 10 million gates with clock frequencies of 250 MHz to 500 MHz, Magma has delivered reliable timing information early in the flow and ultimately better quality of results than our traditional flow. With this high degree of predictability and performance, we have confidence in our ability to deliver better performance and meet aggressive schedules."

"We welcome Spike Technologies to the MagmaTies program," said Yatin Trivedi, director of product marketing at Magma. "Increased availability of design service providers that are trained on Blast Create is very good news for the design community in general and the Magma user community in particular. Spike Technologies is known for its highly skilled resources and for managing large turnkey projects. We are confident their customers will benefit from faster time to market and better quality designs."

About Blast Create
Blast Create is an RTL-to-placed-gates system that enables logic designers to synthesize, visualize, evaluate and improve the quality of their RTL code, design constraints, testability requirements and floorplan. Blast Create integrates fast, full-featured, high-capacity logic and physical synthesis capabilities, full and incremental static timing analysis, design for test (DFT) analysis and synthesis, and power analysis. Unlike conventional point-tool front-end flows, Blast Create does not rely on wireload models or inaccurate physical design data. With Blast Create's high capacity and integrated technology, designers can quickly build and analyze a flat, multimillion-gate design. This allows them to identify and fix problems early in the flow, ensuring a clean handoff between the RTL designer and the layout engineer, providing a predictable path to timing closure and accelerating the RTL-to-GDSII design flow. Both Verilog and VHDL hardware definition languages (HDLs) are supported. Blast Create accepts design constraints in SDC format and libraries in .lib format, avoiding the need and cost of adapting Blast Create to existing logic design environments.

About Magma Design Automation
Magma software is used to design fast, multimillion-gate integrated circuits, providing "The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon"TM, enabling chip designers to reduce the time required to produce complex ICs. Magma's products for prototyping, synthesis, and place route provide a single executable for RTL-to-GDSII chip design. The company's Blast RTLTM, Blast Fusion®, Blast Fusion APXTM, Blast PlanTM and Blast Noise® products utilize Magma's patented FixedTiming® methodology and single data model architecture to reduce the timing-closure iterations often required between the logic and physical processes in conventional IC design flows. Through acquisition of Aplus Design Technologies and the PALACETM and ArchEvaluatorTM products, Magma addresses all silicon implementation platforms, including advanced physical synthesis and architecture development tools for programmable logic devices (PLDs).

Magma maintains headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., as well as facilities in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Durham, N.C.; Austin and Dallas, Texas; Newcastle, Wash.; and in Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. The company's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Visit Magma Design Automation on the Web at www.magma-da.com.

About Spike Technologies, Inc.
Spike Technologies, Inc. is an established global Chip Design Services company headquartered in Milpitas, CA. Spike provides services to top semiconductor corporations, system houses, IDMs and fabless start-up companies by offering complete chip design solutions including RTL design, verification, synthesis, DFT, place & route, physical verification and tape-out.

Spike's engineering team has extensive experience in dealing with critical issues associated with deep sub-micron technologies and is working on complex multimillion gate ASICs at 90-nanometer technology. Spike's customers are offered a variety of engagement models from a time and material basis to a full turnkey development to best fit the business and project needs. For more information visit Spike website at www.spiketech.com

Magma, Blast Fusion, Blast Noise and FixedTiming are registered trademarks, and ArchEvaluator, Blast RTL, Blast Fusion APX, Blast Plan, Blast Rail, "The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon", and PALACE are trademarks of Magma Design Automation. Broadcom is a trademark of Broadcom Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

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