SwitchCore Rolls Out Xpeedium2 Gigabit Ethernet Chips

10/17/2003 - SwitchCore is launching a new family of products called Xpeedium2(TM), the first and only Gigabit Ethernet chip to support 28 ports and L2/L3 switching. Xpeedium2(TM) is a highly integrated and cost-effective solution for manufacturers of switches and routers for enterprise, metro and access networks. SwitchCore expects to gain market shares with this new product.

"As the data and telecom networks merge, broadband demand for multimedia services such as video on demand expands and price competition mounts, the pressure on network operators has never been greater," says Henric Isacsson, SwitchCore's CEO. "Our new Xpeedium2(TM) family sets a new standard for operators. It gives our customers the chance of offering cost-effective solutions for broadband management, differentiation of services and reliable security."

The Xpeedium2(TM) family builds on the success of SwitchCore's current range of Xpeedium products. The new version cuts time-to-market for network equipment and integrates more Gigabit Ethernet ports, processes more packets per second and offers more traffic classes in wire speed than any other chip available on the market.

Market growth drives upgrades of Gigabit Ethernet
Dell'Oro, the independent market analysts, expects Gigabit Ethernet sales worldwide to reach nearly USD one billion in 2Q, 2003. They also predict that the overall market for Gigabit Ethernet switchers will amount to USD 8 billion by 2007. This development is being driven by upgrades to Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. SwitchCore expects that around 10% of the total market for Gigabit Ethernet switches consists of chips.

"SwitchCore is currently expanding on a growth market. With the performance that Xpeedium2 offers we have good prospects of increasing our market share annually," adds Henric Isacsson.

The Xpeedium2 family consists of five switching and routing engines, of which three will be available on the market at the end of 2003. The other two will be available in the second half of 2004.

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About SwitchCore
SwitchCore AB develops, markets and sells integrated network devices for data and internet communication. The core of SwitchCore's expertise is in its CXE technology, which allows for significantly higher data and internet switch capacity. Using SwitchCore's components, customers can cut manufacturing costs for the completed product and time-to-market. Customers and partners are network equipment manufacturers and suppliers, including Intel, Asanté Technologies, Allied Telesyn and Huawei. The SwitchCore Group presently has over 70 employees and the company's headquarters is in Lund, Sweden. The Company also has offices in Stockholm, San Jose, Ca, Boston, Ma, in the US, and Singapore in Asia. The Company is listed on Stockholmsbörsen's O list under the SCOR ticker. For more information visit http://www.switchcore.com/

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