Microsoft Features Intrinsyc's Ja.NET Enterprise Bridging Solution

10/17/2003 - Intrinsyc Software International, Inc. (TSX:ICS) announced that it's Ja.NET enterprise bridging solution has been featured in a new publication entitled "Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit". The book provides information and strategies on how enterprises can create interoperability solutions that bridge the gap between Microsoft and Java platforms.

Written by highly respected Microsoft .NET Program Manager Simon Guest, and published by Microsoft Press, the book is designed for enterprises who are looking to bridge the gap between the Microsoft .NET Framework and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) by implementing the best interoperability solutions available today.

Ja.NET has become the premier Java to .NET bridging solution on the market, helping companies integrate Java and .NET based IT systems. It incorporates the world's only pure Java implementation of Microsoft's .NET Remoting framework, allowing for much tighter integration than can be accomplished using alternative technologies such as Web Services. It has been deployed by a wide range of enterprises worldwide, including some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions for mission critical business applications, such as trading systems. Ja.NET helps companies save money and protect their IT infrastructure investments by enabling them to maintain their existing J2EE systems while integrating new .NET services. In addition to its inclusion in the book, an evaluation copy of Intrinsyc's Ja.NET software is also bundled on the companion CD, enabling enterprises to easily begin evaluating the benefits it provides.

"In today's business climate, enterprises are less willing than ever to eliminate and replace existing business systems. Instead, they are looking to reuse them by bridging new software to existing systems" said Simon Guest, Program Manager for the .NET Enterprise Architecture Team at Microsoft Corp. "Ja.NET offers one of the most cost effective and seamless ways in which to integrate disparate IT infrastructure and help companies easily implement Microsoft .NET solutions even if they have invested in J2EE enterprise applications".

"Enterprise developers are increasingly looking to create new .NET based front-ends to existing J2EE based business systems, and there are many techniques that can be used", said Derek Spratt, Intrinsyc's President and Chief Executive Officer. "Simon has written an excellent book covering the various approaches that can be used, and we are honored that he chose to present in-depth examples on using our Ja.NET solution, which included an entire chapter focusing solely on Ja.NET implementations. This endorsement of our technology helps to further establish Ja.NET as the most effective bridging solution on the market and an effective way to architect integration solutions".

The Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit publication can be purchased online at and Barnes and Noble. For more information on Ja.NET and Intrinsyc's other bridging solutions, please go to:

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