Atmel Delivers Fastest 10-bit ADC Converter with 2 Gsps Device

10/15/2003 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced the availability in production volumes of a new version of its industry leading analog-to-digital converter targeted at radar/ECM, wide-band satellite receivers and high-end instrumentation applications. The TS83102G0B is the first ADC available that combines 10-bit resolution, 2 Gsps maximum. Sampling rate and an unprecedented 3.3 GHz bandwidth in a compact, CBGA package. It allows instrumentation and RF designers to sample very high frequencies (2nd & 3rd Nyquist) and the advantage of streamlining system designs by removing costly analog down-conversion stages.

The TS83102G0B delivers excellent performance while only dissipating 4.6W. SFDR (spurious free dynamic range) is 60dBFS at 1.4Gsps/700MHz input frequency, and still in the 55dBFS range at 2Gsps / 2GHz input frequency. Two-tone third order intermodulation distortion is 65dB at 1.4Gsps over a 500MHz band centered around 1GHz, allowing to digitise high IF broadband signals with adjacent channels with a very low level of parasitic spectrum components. It is further complemented by added features such as data ready output, asynchronous data ready reset and gain controls.

Manufactured with advanced high speed process technology and using innovative proprietary architecture including an on-chip sample and hold, the die is packaged in a compact 21 x 21 mm, 152 pin CBGA package and is available in commercial and industrial (-20 degrees C < Tc, Tj < +110 degrees C) versions. A military version with wide range thermal performance is planned to be launched in 2004.

"The TS83102G0B is the most advanced analog-to-digital converter in Atmel's broadband data converters family, providing state-of-the-art performance to digitise signals in the GHz range. This ADC reaffirms Atmel's commitment to providing new, innovative designs to our existing family of very fast data converters. They enables designers to simplify their system architectures and boost end systems to new levels of performance" stated Andrew Benn, Marketing Manager for Broadband Data Converters.

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