TTPCom has the EDGE with 216 kbps Download Module

10/14/2003 - TTPCom, the world’s leading independent supplier of digital wireless technology, has achieved a 216 kbps (kilo bits per second) download using its recently announced EDGE module. The download, which took place on Ericsson’s EDGE infrastructure at their development site in Sweden, achieved maximum 4 slot, multi-slot class 9 throughput.

TTPCom’s EDGE team downloaded a 10 Mbyte file from the Internet to a PC, using the EDGE module. The download was repeated using a selection of files and runs, and the 216 kbps data rate was achieved consistently.

Stephen Molloy, Edge Project Leader at TTPCom stated, “We are really pleased with this performance. Technically we are operating at the limit of what can be achieved with EDGE technology, and this achievement is a testament to the skills and hard work of the whole EDGE team at TTPCom. The fact that the data rate was so consistently high demonstrates the underlying quality of TTPCom’s EDGE software and builds upon the class-leading performance of our technology.”

The actual maximum application data rate for EDGE is lower than the theoretical maximum data rate (236.8 kbps) due to protocol overheads. The difference is consistent with the overheads associated with FTP download.

“There has been some debate about the maximum data rates that are achievable using EDGE technology, and with this latest test TTPCom has demonstrated that 216 kbps is sustainable,” said Richard Walker, Managing Director of the Software Division at TTPCom. “With such high data rates, network operators and handset manufacturers can start rolling out 3G-style services, such as video streaming, before 3G infrastructure is deployed. Recently there has been an increase in interest from European network operators who can see the revenue potential from deploying EDGE, and customers licensing our technology will be able to launch products by the end of 2004.”

Those interested in seeing a demonstration of the capabilities of TTPCom’s EDGE module are invited to visit the company’s stand, number 2261.060 on the UK Pavilion in Hall 2 at ITU Telecom in Geneva, 12th to 18th October.

Technical note for editors

Using 4 slot EDGE receive, the following data rates were achieved for the different coding schemes:

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