GP Gains Bandwidth with Multi-Tech MultiVOIP Voice over IP Gateway

10/14/2003 - GP Companies, a world leader in dependable, high performance pumps and pump accessories, is successfully utilizing Multi-Tech’s MultiVOIP Voice over IP gateway solution to free up T1 bandwidth previously dedicated to traditional voice connections. This bandwidth, now available for data, has significantly increased the speed of their data network that runs between the corporate and branch office.

The Challenge
GP Companies was in the process of installing a new Avaya phone system in their branch office location, which is about three miles away from their corporate headquarters in Mendota Heights, MN. They already had a dedicated T1 line connecting the two offices and wanted to decrease the bandwidth they needed to run voice over the T1 line so that they could free up more bandwidth for their data network. "We were looking to avoid the hassle and expense of having to install another T1 line between locations," explains Joe Igo, IT Manager at GP Companies. "What we wanted was a dynamic bandwidth solution for our voice connections. MultiVOIP has provided us with the answer."

The Solution In the past, GP Companies had eight channels of their T1 line dedicated to their voice connections. This meant that those lines were not available for data, even when no one was using them. With MultiVOIP, the lines are used only when a voice call is being made between the sites. This frees up the bandwidth for data packets, ultimately improving the speed and performance of their data network. In addition, a MultiVOIP call requires only about one third of the bandwidth (17K bps) as compared to a traditional dedicated channel for a voice call. MultiVOIP is a point-to-point solution (one is required at each location) that merges voice/fax from traditional telephones onto an IP network. It then utilizes another MultiVOIP gateway at the remote end to separate the voice/fax from the data network and sends it back to the receiving phone.

At the corporate office, GP Companies connected an 8-port MultiVOIP gateway directly to their Avaya Legend PBX via E&M. They utilized another 8-port MultiVOIP gateway at the branch office and connected it directly to their Avaya Magix PBX via E&M. "Utilizing the new system is seamless to the users," said Igo. "Anyone utilizing one of our 50 phones in the corporate office simply dials an extension to reach a co-worker at our remote site. In fact, most users have no idea they are making a Voice over IP call." The MultiVOIP gateways are also able to pass-through the "message waiting light" function utilized by the Avaya Legend PBX to administer centralized voice mail. For example, if someone at the corporate site calls someone at the branch office, and that person does not answer, the call is automatically routed back to the corporate voice mail. After the voice message is left, the voice mail system calls the Avaya Merlin Magix branch PBX and tells it which phone should be lit with the message waiting light.

The Results With MultiVOIP, GP Companies has experienced a noticeable increase in data network speeds. "Our old voice system required a total of 448K in dedicated bandwidth (56K per call multiplied by eight lines)," said Igo. "With MultiVOIP, we’ve been able to reduce this to 136K (17K per call multiplied by eight lines), and that is only used when all eight lines are running simultaneously." GP Companies ultimately avoided adding another T1 line. With this saving alone, MultiVOIP will pay for itself in less than a year. "We are very happy with our MultiVOIP solution," said Igo. "It has performed precisely as we had expected providing us with enough bandwidth to meet our data networking needs and that was our ultimate goal."

About GP Companies
Since 1986, GP Companies, located in Mendota Heights, MN, has worked closely with its customers to develop dependable, high performance pumps and pump accessories for high pressure cleaning, car wash, reverse osmosis/desalination, agricultural, and industrial process applications. The company also distributes a line of products for the floor cleaning industry. Their mission is to be the best fluid control device company world wide, providing their customers with superior and innovative products, coupled with a level of service that exceeds customer expectations.

About Multi-Tech
An ISO 9001:2000 certified global manufacturer of award-winning Internet, remote access, and telephony products, Multi-Tech Systems provides end-to-end solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Multi-Tech’s products are available through a worldwide network of business partners (distributors, resellers, system integrators, ISPs, and ISVs), or in embedded solutions from OEMs.

Privately held, Multi-Tech Systems has over 60 U.S. patents and numerous international patents. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents covering transmission of multiplexed voice, data and video packets used in technologies such as Internet telephony, PC telephony, voice over IP or frame relay, and DSVD modems. For additional information, contact Multi-Tech at 800/328-9717 or 763/785-3500, via fax at 763/785-9874 or browse the company’s World Wide Web home page at

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